Sony: "Games will lead the way" for 3D

SCEE president Andrew House has said that "games are a perfect fit with 3D" and expects them to "lead the way in consumer understanding of how 3D enhances the entertainment experience".

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Forbidden_Darkness4035d ago

You've been Killzon3D!

Seriously, after they announced Kizzy 3 in 3D, it now makes me want to get a 3DTV.

Faztkiller4035d ago

Same here

I was getting ready to buy an HDTV but now I think I'll save a little more and go ahead and get a 3DTV I'm not going to be behind again

darkmurder4035d ago

Pfft pc's been doing this for years

N4GAddict4035d ago

Don't forget GT5 as well

Chris3994035d ago

Best money I ever spent. Most gorgeous, smooth, crisp picture I've seen in my life. Don't know if it was a one day sale or what, but it's regularly a very, very expensive set.

The actual 3D kits are ludicrously over-priced though, I passed on one till they drop in price and will probably pick one up in the fall.

This is in Canada, btw. I imagine that you can find as good or better deals in the States.

Bhai4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

pffft ;), Hussshhh!
and none of them compelling enough to make even a hundred want to buy a 3D setup for the PC heeheehee...

PC-3D has been a 'Fail' for years, if it has been around for years. If you can't do it right you just shouldn't do it at all, as IGN says:
"3D is not good enough to make a bad game better, but its good enough to make a great game amazing :)"

Metro2033's 3D on PC is fine but where that game was lacking, 3D wasn't there to fill in the blanks... but when you see Motorstorm, Wipeout, GT5 or now the effing amazing KZ3 do that... its just 2x more icing on the already best baked cake, got it?! now off with yer trolling :)

hoops4035d ago

You do know that there are literally hundred of games that are setup to do 1080P 3D on the PC at above 60fps?
Name me one PS3 game that can do this? And also do this on three monitors together? How many games are slated for 3Dof the PS3 this year and next? If it ranks up to the number of the PC's offering and doesit in full HD at above 40+ fps, i will recant. Sorry buddy. The PC been doing it for years and in HD and at 60fps and now on 3 monitors for greater depth and resolution...Now you can bubble medown and disagree with the truth

Ju4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Boy. Now we got the PC fanboys here.

Damn, my PC doesn't even boot right with that damn HDMI connector. Not to say hooking that thing up to a surround system is a nightmare. Where is the optical out? Don't get me started "but my PC can do this since years". Like it can install a patch every other day to get the next game running, while that needs another system update. Man, get over it. Geeks play PC, regular people just don't want to bother with reconfiguring HW every other day...sorry, after Darkmurder, then this. Makes me want to yell at someone :)

JustTheFactsMr4035d ago


None of that matters. It's a niche market. Every PC had DVD as well. How many people hooked up there PC's to their big screen TV's to play DVD's? Pretty much no one. They bought a $200 DVD player instead. DVD would have been a niche forever if PC's would have been the main delivery route.

Same thing will happen here.

In this case people will get a firmware update for their existing console. Free.

Others will spend $299 to get a blu-ray player, 7.1 lossless sound, media (photo, video, music) center, streaming, downloading HD movies with free on-line for every game - that happens to support 3D as well.

PC just isn't relevant in the mindshare of your average joe as the goto device to be hooked up to their HDTV. All the wishing, hoping, injustice of it all isn't going to change that. People want a low cost plug and play device. Their long time xp at work and home is PC's are the exact opposite of that. Updates to be figured out, drivers, crashes etc. Now you expect mainstream to start sticking cards into their PC's for 3d upgrade as well. Your dreaming bud.

And even less than that care about 3 monitors. It's just the hardcore geeks that think that kind of stuff matters. It's a niche of a niche of a niche in the living room. IOW irrelevant in the big picture.

Enjoy your 3 monitors yourself instead of trying to convince the rest of us it's the way forward. It's not.

fullmetal2974035d ago

LOL take a look at the steam community and you'll see that more than just "geeks" on the PC. Talked and play with a whole lot more chicks on steam than Xbox Live or PSN, so stop trying to paste a deluded image of what the PC community and get a clue.

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Forbidden_Darkness4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

That would totally BLOW my mind and much more ;)

ZombieAutopsy4035d ago

there is a porn company making 3d porn but i dont remember which one.

Bhai4035d ago

Now that you have mentioned it, can't wait to see the Aphrodite in god of war 3, or the two other babes ;)


Do it Sony, bring gow3 to 3D :)

GAM3R7l4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

My vision is 20/20, so wearing glasses is REALLY annoying to me. I can't make myself look beyond the frames. Unless someone designs some really comfortable 3-D glasses, with NO FRAMES (just 2 separate lenses in a large visor maybe?)....I have ZERO interest in 3-D. PERIOD.

LOL @ the disagree(s). Grow up, fanboys....not everyone wears glasses like you nerds. :D

000000000000000000014035d ago

Just think how people that have to wear glasses already, it will suck having to wear another pair over your regular ones. Of course this has already been tried with video games, Sega Master System, BIG FAIL!

AK464035d ago

I don't know what types of games that these PC gamers have played in 3D, so I will like to know what games comes close to the scale of KZ3 in 3D on their computer?

kraze074035d ago

I would like to know how you know the scale of KZ3. KZ2 was absolutley amazing, but it wasn't open world and it didn't have huge bosses like GoW3 so I'm trying to figure out where you're getting this idea from.

hoops4035d ago

Crysis Warhead, Stalker, just to name two. And in 1080p HD 3D without downgrading the visuals

hoops4035d ago

Play any RTS on the PC in 3D...Play Bad Company 2 in 3D. Play Fallout 3in 3D on the PC. How about Devil May Cry 4...Dirt 2...Farcry 2...Gears of War...Left 4 Dead 2... Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic....BatMan Arkham Asylum...BioShock 2....Fifa Soccer...Madden 10....Guild Wars...Street Fighter 4...All those in 1080p 3D....

kraze074035d ago

Not to mention some MMOs like WoW. They may not be popular amongst the console crowd but they're big on the PC and nearly unrivaled when it comes to scale even though the graphics tend to be sub par.

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