Insomniac's next PS3 exclusive revealed in near future

Sony has reassured fans that Insomniac's multi-format development announcement does not end its partnership with the studio.

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TOO PAWNED4041d ago

doubt its something new, prob res3 and new ratchet

Faztkiller4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Thats fine with me Love Ratchet and Resistance

darkmurder4041d ago Show
Paradise4041d ago

If it's Resistance I don't think it will be going over to the xbox..

I believe sony owns that IP.

Dragun6194041d ago

Dude, can you not get the fact that Sony owns both the Resistance and Ratchet and Clank franchise through your head?

Is this like the tenth time some one has told you this already?

Tomdc4041d ago

They aren't going to do a new ratchet for a while now they said, not for a few years at least.

HolyOrangeCows4041d ago

Well, they did say (after a Crack in Time) that they were working on another Ps3 exclusive, so...

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N4GAddict4041d ago

It is Resistance 3 I think

Silly gameAr4041d ago

darkmurder is on a mission people. Pay more attention to that guy. He's going places.

Seriously, I hope it is Resistance 3. I think it's about time.

N4BmpS4041d ago

Yeah darkmurder will be the greatest incest, dumpster diver the world will ever know.

I agree I think Sony can stop pussy footin around we know it's out there, even without the billboard we know it's out there. If Insom/Sony want to they can reveal a new IP but I doubt that's what we're getting.

LaChance4041d ago Show
sinncross4041d ago

Resistance 2 most likely... I do hope that they continue new IP's for Sony.

sikbeta4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

New Ratchet = WIN

New R3 with the R:FOM "essence" = EPIC WIN


lol @ darTROLL comment... Timed Exclusive? Bwahahahaha... you don't even know what are you saying, Sony OWN Both IPs dumb... and the Worst thing, someone actually Agree With him


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Colonel-Killzone4041d ago

Most likely R3 Ratchet came out last year so I'm pretty sure its Resistance 3. Although I hope its a brand new ip honestly.

NastyLeftHook4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

better be resistance 3

i shit lachance, your darkmurder, 2 accounts 2 black people trolling.

Sarcasm4041d ago

Just give us Resistance 3 so we could finish the story. After that, I cant wait to see what Insomniac comes up with. Multiplatform or not, they are worth supporting.

I would buy any game Naughty Dog makes on any system. So the same for Insomniac.

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The story is too old to be commented.