The State of RPGs

There is an ongoing and debatable list of RPG games that have shaped the face of gaming. When flipping back through the history of RPGs it's hard not to see how so many of those titles have influenced the way our games are played now. You can't even pick up a shooter or a fighting game without experiencing those beloved "RPG elements." It seems like so many of the games we play today are blurring the lines between genres. So what does this say about the RPG genre? Is it dead, or simply reforming under new rules? What defines an RPG? Where will the RPG go from here?

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dangert124036d ago

Mass effect and dragon age fly the flag this gen for me i haven't played demon souls yet.

i like fall out but i think the need to fix the combat so you can play as a normal 3 and 1stperson shooter with out vat system and put a buggy or some kind of kart in the game so you don't have to walk to the north pole and back oblivion had horses!!!

kraze074036d ago

I disagree with the article's view on the JRPG genre completely.