Teaser and images of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

Sega releases a teaser of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games entirely done in CGI, as well as a few images of the Wii version.

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Odion5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

ok now you see Nintendo has gone to far

First they make games for "real People"

Then they make friend codes!


Mario should in no way be able to keep up to freaking Sonic, how is a fat italian plumber keeping up with a hedhog that that runs at the speed of sound.

pwnaplaya5423d ago

Not even steroi- I...mean...mushrooms can even make Mario that fast. Sonic can run laps around all of them.

The Swordsman5423d ago

This game is the final nail to the coffin of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. And just goes to show you the Mario series is been milked for every penny.

okcomputer5423d ago

Mario and sonic in the same game.. if this came out when I was 10 I would have been so amped for it lol.

RedSeven5423d ago

I would like to see how Dr. Robotnik competes in the relay races. Man that guy is FAT.

ChickeyCantor5423d ago

plus that guy uses a freaking machine to move around, that dude could never run without having some sort of heart problems.

This game is fiction, crying that Sonic would be faster is just useless.
its a game People a game!
(i bet sonic cant swim and sucks @ jumping

Btw wasnt this already posted?

castdreams5423d ago

the devs will have sonic running, upside down and backwards, with his left foot taped behind his right ear, while eating an orange popsicle. Mario MIGHT outrun him then.

THE_JUDGE5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

where was the demand for mario and sonic to be in the olympics?

EDIT: This is marketing? I'm pretty sure that the olympics games of the past haven't done to well. And this sure will bring up Sonics already failing perception among gamers.

ChickeyCantor5423d ago

you have no marketing skills @ all do you XD

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