Valve Parodies Apple's 1984 "Clone" commercial

Gamer Syndrome: In celebration of the release of Half-Life 2 on Steam for the Mac today, Valve has made a video parody of what appears to be Apple’s 1984 “Clone” commercial.

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HarryM4086d ago

That N4G does not have a "Mac" channel and nor does Half-Life 2 so I had no choice but add it to "PC".

Letros4086d ago

That's because a Mac is a PC! The ad is nice, now Mac owners can enjoy one of the greatest FPS ever made.

HarryM4086d ago

I'm excited to see what Valve offers next. I think this is the beginning of something extraordinary.

chak_4086d ago

can't they just do games instead of followup, patches and video?

we want HL3, we want new engine, we want...more valve damnit !