Nintendo's Busiest Man: Miyamoto Talks WiiFit, Hardcore gaming & more

GameInformer' Billy Berghammer writes:
"I've been covering Nintendo for over ten years, and while we've had our fair share of interviews with Nintendo employees, there's been one elusive one-on-one interview that I hadn't scored up until this past E3. The main man. Shigeru Miyamoto. After Nintendo's E3 press briefing last week we got a chance to sit down with Miyamoto-san to talk to him about Wii Fit, game development, bringing back the classics, and much more."

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RedSeven4136d ago

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PS360WII4136d ago

link works for me. Not to fancy of an interview he just talked about how he was involved with a slew of games before hand but now with the Wii and DS he has some ease with giving his trusted empolyees his babies. They have been working on the balance board for 2 years and he's had his hands in a lot of the Wii launch titles but he's getting to the point where he isn't needed for every game. Also they are trying to drop the barrier between casuals and hardcore so we can all play together ^^ but I'm sure the noob talk will never die! Dang noobs ^.-