Deus Ex: Human Revolution Website Opens + New Trailer

Square-Enix and Eidos have decided to open a website for their upcoming game Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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Quagmire3437d ago

Thats older than your Mom's breast milk

Seriously, like the Memoirs of George W. Bush, how did this get approved?

inveni03436d ago

This is definitely old, but I forgot about it. Wonder if we'll see it at E3...

GamingManiac3436d ago

in the end of the trailer it says "more at E3 2012"

RememberThe3573436d ago

The end of the trailer says 2010 not 2012.

BakedGoods3436d ago

It may be old, but I wasn't aware of this.

I'm hoping for a 2010 release.

3437d ago
poopface13436d ago

hopefully its more like DX1 then 2. 2 was OK, but paled in comparisone to Deus EX 1, which is one of the greatest games EVER.

Even if it ends up as crap, ill probably buy it just because I love DX sooo much.

BakedGoods3436d ago

Yeah, I'm a sucker for DX. If this game tanks I'll never trust Eidos Montreal again.

KillerPwned3436d ago

What is this game coming out for? I never heard about it ever <.>

3436d ago