UT3PS3 vs. GOW360

A better version of UT3PS3 vs. GOW360.Enjoy

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supnub55426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

why can't i embed it doesn't show.
Edit:I'm not a fanboy.I pointed the xbox fanboys. Damn.

News Bot5426d ago

you must use the video form, I have fixed it for you.

TheXgamerLive5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

Gears of War is a darker game but not this dark, they've almost filmed it in Black&White, it looks hella good on my LCD, not dark like this. Too bad another biased post.

But all remember, we the Xbox 360 community also get UT3 as well and it will be even better than this ps3 version. Not to mention the beast known as HALO 3 is coming soon, very soon.

EDIT: Oh, I see. The poster of this supnub also did the video, lol, he washed out the GoW colors on purpose. Hey, stop being a lil kid and grow the hell up.

uxo225426d ago

This video does nothing to prove much at all. But based on only the video shown, I would choose gears over UT3 simply because of how it was presented. Gears was in story mode (which IMO is always more interesting) while UT3 was in what appeared to be Deathmatch. (I'm don't think UT3 has a single player or story mode does it?)

Anyways, a more comparable look would have been with both games in deathmatch/Online mode. But for me, gears has it hands down. When you get past the pretty colors in UT3 and look at gameplay, it's really no different than any other version of UT. Hopefully when it does come out, there will be something there that we haven't seen before.

I'm not sure what the poster was trying to compare, but these two games are completely different styles of play and graphics.

ArduousAndy5426d ago

Comparing a game that is a year old to a game that is not even finished yet?

Why not do a side by side comparison to Super Mario Brothers for the Nes to the Sega Genisis' vector man.

Why not wait for the 360 version of UT3 come out and we do a comparision on the 360 version and the Ps3 version.

this video is lame.

nasim5426d ago

understandable since UT3 is running on a much more powerful ps3 where UNREAL ENGINE 3 runs lot better.

I feel bad for x360 fans.

after the disappointing sales woos....x360 is surely dead worldwide.

KZ2 however looks miles better than UT3.

so KZ2>>>UT3>>> >>>GEARS

dragunrising5426d ago

Every time I read one of your comments I wonder if you are a prepubescent fanboy that doesn't even have a PS3. Please confirm this for me...thanks

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Lyberator5426d ago

Why does it have to be ps3 and 360? Both games will be out on pc as well and UT3 will be on the 360.

EDF 20175426d ago

Seriously close but no cigar for UT3.

nice_cuppa5426d ago

how do you get the better version ??

1.pc version is better than ps3 version.
2.we know nothing about the 360 version other than its coming and that they will have more time to develop it !

do you see ?

kingjkv5426d ago

I hope u can afford a $500 video card, maybe choose a 8800GT for UT3. That's money well spent. Hey the PS3 doesn't look that much more expensive. Same thing to all who thing they can play Crysis on their PC.

okcomputer5426d ago

These "insert ps3 game" vs "insert 360 game" threads are such blatant flame bait.

Frulond5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

If is posted by a X360 fan they make PS3 look like crap and vice versa.

There was another thread about this like... 3-4 days ago and UT3 graphics where all washed out, this time around same thing only GOW graphics are almost in b/w

DarkJedi5426d ago

They're also extremely boring.

This is a news site isn't it? not a comparison site...