Review of Nucleus on the PS3: $10 won't replace your broken controller

The problem is that the game isn't a knockoff, and while the $10 shooter is reminiscent of many other games, it does enough to set itself apart to be worth looking at. However, if you're not a fan of pants-wetting frustration, you may want to sit this out; they've set the difficulty level much higher than similar shooters. The game gleefully offers a few training modes, then plows into you with some rather unforgiving enemies.

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GrooveChampion4109d ago

The game is fun and challenging, plus the soundtrack is pretty cool too.

Arkham4109d ago

<Looks at comment>


<Looks at timmyp53>


<Looks at keyboard>

<Walks away>

Armyless4108d ago

you're almost right. Super Stardust is MORE FUN.

208,000,000 = Super Stardust (look up my score)

THC CELL4109d ago

i agree with stardust

I cant get enough of that game.

THX71684109d ago

I am glad they made a demo/trial version. I played it and I really didn't enjoy the game much. There is a possibility that the game gets better as you progress but what I played wasn't that great.

I agree though that Super Stardust HD is a lot more fun ("funner").

Armyless4108d ago

The asteroids sort of "melt". The big ones, it's hard to explain but when you hit a gold boulder with the lava gun, the gold rocks sort of disintegrate and melt into each other. You have to know which gun to use. Also make a note of how the points are tallied. Risky behaviour is not always rewarded.

Correction on my earlier score: 201,443,000