Sony Trialling Music Videos On Aussie PS Store

On the PS Store, you can find PS3 demos and trailers, PSN games, PSOne-to-PSP games, movie trailers and an assortment of other gaming related media. On the Australian PS Store, you've got the same, only there's much less of it. However, the Australian store will tomorrow be receiving a worldwide exclusive.

At a Sony press event today, it was announced that the Sony games division in Australia and Sony BMG have come to an arrangement, where ten music videos will be provided for download from the PS Store, free of charge. While this is being billed as a trial, this is the first time that the PS Store will have content that is not specifically related to games.

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THE_JUDGE5423d ago

but didn't expect to see Music videos before VOD.

Frulond5423d ago

to make an Australian account :p

Vip3r5423d ago

Sounds good. Looks like i'll be making myself an AU account now.