Interview with Chair Entertainment's Geremy Mustard On XBLA, Indies and Empire

Formed in 2005, the Utah based Chair Entertainment group was founded by brothers Donald and Geremy Mustard, best known for their work as co-creators of the Majesco-published console title Advent Rising.

The company emphasizes a commitment to developing and retaining the rights to original gaming IP based on "stories that draw upon universal themes to excite, inspire, and fuel the imaginations of generations to come", as well as extending that IP into other media: books, movies, comics and merchandising.

The first game developed by Chair is Undertow, a self-published 16 player Xbox Live Arcade shooter developed using the Unreal Engine 3, and programmed solely by Geremy Mustard. The title is currently slated for a release later in the third quarter of the year.

Tying more into their multimedia plans, however, is Empire, based on a story written in-house and then developed into a novel by Orson Scott Card which was released towards the end of last year. The movie rights for the IP have recently been optioned by Warner Bros., with Die Hard and Matrix producer Joel Silver currently attached to the project.

Gamasutra spoke with Donald Mustard recently, and asked about the development of Undertow, making a successful project across multiple creative mediums, and the dangers involved in that.

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