E3 Awards: Ones to Watch

With so many titles flooding the market E3 takes a look at the ones you'd be foolish not to watch...

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PS360PCROCKS5427d ago

yea seriously or COD4, BIOSHOCK, Ratchet and clank, heavenly sword, GTA IV, UT, Lair...seriously the games we should watch are the ones we haven't seen!? Well I guess we should get alot of food and drinks and get cozy ad get ready for alot of watching because the one were supposed to be watching is going to be taking us a year and a half

FCOLitsjustagame5427d ago

I got the sense these are FUTURE releases, not necessarily this holiday release...but I could be wrong. Also, Halo is more known for gameplay then graphics since its got a style that is not particularly realistic and you either like it or you dont. I happen to like it, but I wouldnt ever compare it to, say Gears of War.

Never been a big zombie game fan so I cant really agree with this article. That game does look like an impressive zombie game though.

I am very interested in learning more about Fallout. Including any kind of idea on when the release date would be.

PS360PCROCKS5427d ago

Game informer had screens and a huge article a few months back, try to find it...because fallout looks impressive indeed and I got the future release vibe as well and Halo could be seen as a game to be watched because it's gameplay elements trump most...

FCOLitsjustagame5427d ago

With all the graphics comparisons for some reason my brain kicked in that were were suppose to be on watch for these games because they had cool graphics. But yeah if the article is about great games to watch for regardless of graphics then yeah Halo would be up there.

Still though, they missed a lot of games GTA, AC, COD4, Mass Effect, Heavenly sword, UTIII, Bioshock, Lair and all the nintendo stuff that was announced at E3. So I suspect they were talking about stuff to watch in the future (as in 2008) but then one wonders why Fable 2 isnt on there.