From Software: Demon's Souls 2 Not in Development or Planned

From Software dismisses claims of a sequel to Demon's Souls.

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knight6263164d ago

ok good i still have time to try and pass demon souls

VegaShinra3164d ago

Tru dat but it would be nice to know one was coming soon. It took foreva to get the first game over here.

Chubear3164d ago

Won't believe it 'till TGS is over and still no hint of news of Demon Souls2. I refuse to believe this.

Viper73163d ago

From Software is probably busy with Armored Core5 and some secret projects atm. And they even made 3D dot heroes which just got released in US/EU.

gotta love the new direction of from software and their studios,

Socrates3164d ago

A new Tenchu?

Please, Fromsoftware!

Godmars2903164d ago

No, a good Tenchu. Something that actually builds on one, not just tweaks and repeats it.

A full castle/compound with areas you have to sneak through that have specific numbers of enemies who call in reinforcements from other other areas depending how noisy you are.

Socrates3164d ago

Yeah, that sounds cool. I agree with you that they need to reinvigorate the franchise, not just rehash it.

Christopher3164d ago

Nooooooooooooooo.... ooooooooooooooooo!

Sam Fisher3164d ago

i want an other one (with better online features). or tenchu z 2 would be nice if software made it.

RatFuker3164d ago

man i hate that, demons souls is BY FAR the best rpg game ive ever played not only this generation, but ever! i really hope they reconcider.

ifhd3164d ago


Daver3164d ago

They wont say its in development when the 1st one is not even out in Europe.. There will be a sequel at some point.

sikbeta3164d ago

Boo!!!! From Software Boo!!!!

We need a Demon's Souls 2 NOW!!!

40cal3164d ago

God, I really hope this is not true. I would love another Demons Souls.

Finalfantasykid3164d ago

*goes to farm cloudstone chunks and pure bladestone*

Noctis Aftermath3164d ago

I don't really believe them, but if they truely have no intention of making another demon's souls they are messed up.

WKC(i know it's from Level 5 and not From Software) only sold like 400k worldwide and it's getting a sequel, demon's souls has sold over 500k and it hasn't even released in europe yet, and it had virtually no advertising or promotion of any kind.

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alphakennybody3164d ago

sony JPN should buy this ip

SilverSlug3164d ago

Demon's Soul IP. Just like White Knight Chronicles.

Barbapapa3164d ago

DS2 isn't probably planned by fromsoftware because japan studio developed DS with them and they can't do anything without them.

NastyLeftHook3164d ago

yea they should, i havent played a game as good as demons souls in a very very long time, not even persona, valkria chronicals or mass effect 2 come close, im really pissed.

raztad3164d ago

Demons Souls is a Sony IP. There is nothing to buy.

Veneno3164d ago

I was just going to ask, who owns the IP? if it's Sorny, then why should From have anything to say about it? unless they just gave it away, indirectly that they are infact working on the sequel. it would be silly if they didn't, because DS is a big cult hit and just by word of mouth. a simultaneous worldwide release with proper marketing woul only ensure success.

theunleashed643164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

even though sony owns the demons souls ip from software are the
developers and control it's development but not the ip it's self.
i'm pretty sure that there will be a sequel there's too many people asking for one plus the director exspressed in doing a sequel.

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Hellsvacancy3164d ago

Not all games have to have sequels, ive still to play Demon Souls, it gets released here next month

FOXDIE3164d ago

Hey man! :D you will love this game for sure!

PS: sorry I havent been on for some time, my tv broke!

VegaShinra3164d ago

This game is amazing. It's not possible to hate this game.

Sam Fisher3164d ago

to have some type of painkillers right next to you, when you get headaches (im 100% sure you be getting headaches), or when u get to that limit you can overdose on the painkillers for the difficulty on the second play through :)

blasian3164d ago

O its possible to hate it but for some reason you want to keep going on. This is without a doubt the most ive ever cussed at a video game before but I love the challenge and the new game plus was the greatest idea ever. It hurts theres no demon souls 2.

Orange3164d ago


itchy183164d ago


JAMurida3164d ago


PCnPS3Gamer3164d ago

theyre all gunna laugh at youuuu!!!!!! lol

OT :demon souls took like 250 hrs of my life beat it like 5 times and i was soul level 250....i really wanted to play giant world :(

redDevil873164d ago


ifhd3164d ago


NYC_Gamer3164d ago

the 1st demon souls hasnt even been released in euro yet...