HD-DVD outselling Blu-ray – apparently

According to the North American HD-DVD Promotional Group, hardware sales have risen 37% in the first three months of the year while HD-DVD movie sales experienced a 20% 'increase in growth'. By contrast, Blu-ray hardware sales saw a 27% decline and software sales were down 5%. But, as usual, the facts seem slanted...

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tethered4113d ago

I stopped reading at:
"According to the North American HD-DVD Promotional Group"

I would do the same if it was the "North American Blu-ray Promotional Group"

jonnyjd14113d ago

...that pretty much sums it up...

...end of line...

vidoardes4113d ago

Agreed, we don't need any HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray stories. We certainly don't need ones postin biast information, pointless and certainly not news

BenzMoney4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

While I agree that any information released about a product by a group that openly states its affliation with that product needs to be taken with a huge dose of salt, I don't think it should be discounted entirely.

Read between the lines and try to sort through the fluff and the BS. Otherwise we should also be completely ignoring Sony or Nintendo or Microsoft when they release information because they're biased sources too, right?

Just don't take anything you read as gospel and be a critical thinker instead of ignoring everything. Choosing not to read something or hear people out just because you don't like to sound of their message is a big part of what's wrong with the world today. So long as it's a valid article (which this was) there should be no reason why it shouldn't be posted.

Now, will someone please pass the salt?



Thanks for the LOL! hahaha... + bubble for you.

marinelife94113d ago

Benz I stopped reading your post as soon as I saw it was more than two lines long.

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ReconHope4113d ago

does all those wrong duplicate story reports, affect my crank?

ReconHope4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

want but this is not a duplicate story and is not spam. i should report you for spamming my story.

actionjackson4113d ago

talking to yourself with post #2 and #3?

cdzie14113d ago

This is good for HD DVD, but it doesn't include the overall picture. This basically means that between Q1 and Q2, HD DVD grew its market share and Blu-ray lost some market share.

Still, HD DVD must find a way to offset PS3 sales, which are currently playing a big factor in the next-gen DVD race.

Isn’t it time for some moron to post “HD DVD is dead” again?

xfrgtr4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

Youre the moron for believing this story,HDDVD group is desperate,that's why they are not including the ps3,which is the big factor in this HD WAR.Bluray has been oustelling hddvd since dec 2006(movies sale and players including the PS3)

cdzie14113d ago

What about movies sales? HD DVD +20% and Blu-ray -5% ?

That has nothing to do with PS3 hardware.

actionjackson4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

What are your reports including. Becuase if the 5 free BR that come with the almost all BR players are factored, good luck to HD-DVD. Yes, they may not be direct sales, but they are flooding the market with BR disks. This would seriously impact the HD-DVD numbers. Oh, not to mention all but one studio that hasn't budged to the other side. HD-DVD is dead. Whether you hear it now or in a month from now, it won't make any difference.

ArduousAndy4113d ago

if you count the 5 free for blu-ray you must count the 5 free for HD-dvd.

No spin just saying if you count one market it in total you must count the other market in total.

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Daxx4113d ago

Digital distribution is the future so I don't care about these formats at all. I didn't buy a HD-DVD or BluRay drive because both formats will be dead or not being used for movies in a couple of years.

Rageanitus4112d ago

Digital distribution through the Inet infrastructure is far from taking over.

The inet does not have the enough bandwidth to push out 1080p content at great speeds. At the moment blu-ray and hddvd are the only ones that take full advantage of those 1080p monitors, and the 1080p monitors are slowly becoming standard.

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