Top secret BioWare MMO gets new tech

There's more goings on behind the scenes this week on BioWare's currently under wraps MMO game, as the company sends word that it's licensed Perpetual Entertainment's online tech platform.

According to the babel-filled press release, the technology provides the Mass Effect developer with a backbone of modules and tools to get its first MMO up and running.

This includes tech for player management, billing, customer relationship management, game feature extension, load-balancing, lobby servicing, patching and community management.

"We evaluated numerous technology solutions to serve as the service backbone of our first MMO title and feel Perpetual's online platform is the best fit," said Gordon Walton, Co-Studio Director of BioWare Austin.

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Azures5427d ago

that its a Star Wars IP mmo.

Anyone else thinks its weird we know everything about this game's technical workings but absolutely nothing about its subject matter aside from its in space? This game has been in development for 1 1/2 yrs with no details...

Its either a Mass Effect or Star Wars mmo, and I don't think they'd start developing the mmo nearly 2 years before the game's probably count ME out.