E3: Phil Harrison Refuses To Curse; Talks PSP Re-Design, New 360 Controller, "Afrika" and more

Stephentotilo from MTV Multiplayer Blog saw Phil Harrison, president of worldwide studios for Sony Computer Entertainment, last Tuesday night of E3 week. It was at the "Killzone 2" event.

Gentleman that he is, he offered to buy me a drink. I told him I had to leave. I had to write articles for you fine folk. "But, Phil," I said, "We can talk tomorrow." I reminded him we were scheduled for an interview right after the big Sony press conference. He said he was up for it, but warned me he might be worn out at that point and might be monosyllabic.


Finally! They fixed it! Thank you very much Konesha for the Alt Source!

Here's the link if you miss it on the Alt Source option:

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teh_tourist5426d ago

can somebody bullet the main ideas for me

supnub55426d ago

has only 3 comments and got 320 degrees.

Kratosnake5426d ago

the degrees have nothing to do with the comments. They are calculated by hits.

Vojkan5426d ago

Why isnt link working?

Adamalicious5426d ago

Probably the Scene-It controller?

apoc065426d ago

yeah, some dude pulled it out of his pocket and showed it for like all of 10 seconds. its a big red button and a few small ones, based loosely off of the wii's design aesthetics: their "casual friendly controller".

they made a big deal about how four of them come bundled with their new game scene-it. and then quickly hid it as one would do with something they are ashamed of. =\

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The story is too old to be commented.