Flatout and Juiced demos hit Marketplace

Just incase you are having a lazy day at home with nothing to do, you may be interested to hear that the Marketplace gets two new demos this morning, both of the racing variety. Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights is available, as is the excellent FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage (We can't stop playing this game at the moment).

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SuperSaiyan44107d ago

I used to be on there and they were SOOO inaccurate, loads of spelling mistakes, wrong information in reviews I could go on and on.

After pointing out these problems all the time they just banned me.

Even now the site still can't get its facts right even from an official source.

wotta4107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

Super you have been banned from every site you have ever been on, you sound bitter to me.

p.s I clicked Agree next to your comment in error so make that 2 disagree's.

donscrillinger4107d ago

flatout isnt on there anymore

Lex Luthor4107d ago

flatout:UC is a great game with better graphics and MUCH better gameplay than motorstorm

wotta4107d ago

Im not sure whether to agree or disagree with you, I think both games are excellent, I would say motorstorm has better graphics but gameplay wise both games are excellent, Im hooked on Ultimate Carnage at the moment, it is brilliant.

sjappie4107d ago

and imo they both suck, however, flatout was entertaining for 5-10 min.