NASCAR Racing 2003 Set to Retire?

One of the greatest race sims of all time, NASCAR Racing 2003, is in danger. Sierra has decided that it's time to put the game out to pasture officially by shutting down the servers that host the game's online lobbies. A dedicated group of simmers led by Xtreme Online Motorsports are asking racers to attend their "Not the last lap" event. Starting at 12:00 EST on August 15 of this year they're asking racers to show up online for some racing action in the hopes of encouraging Sierra to keep things alive a little longer.

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FordGTGuy4137d ago

RIP Nascar Racing 2003!

nscope044136d ago

Can't express how much I hope EA loses its exclusive Nascar license.

The Real Joker4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

Anything against Nascar I am for. What a ridiculous form of entertainment. Hey I have an idea. Lets give a bunch of enebriated rednecks the same car and we can go in circles 500 times while more enebriated rednecks watch us. Brilliant! Do any of you remember a toy when you were kids where these cars were on tracks and you pulled the trigger and the cars went in circles and were the same speed? Its almost like that but its televised. I live in TN and this sh1t is everywhere. Maybe I don't understand it because I don't sleep with my sister.

FordGTGuy4136d ago

but this is known as a great racing game so don't hate.

nstag8er4136d ago

A name like FistedSister, and your not sleeping with your sister....HMMMMMM!, c'mon be truthful about it we'er all freinds here.

DeadlyFire4136d ago

This is the best Nascar PC Sim to date and for them to kill it just makes no sense to me. :(

EA makes crap for Nascar games.