Peter Moore's Move To EA: Has He Learned From His Mistakes At Microsoft?

Roger Ehrenberg of SeekingAlpha submits: Just when you thought the gaming landscape couldn't get any more surreal - Peter Moore, Head of the Xbox 360 Team at Microsoft (MSFT), announces that he is leaving to become President of the EA (ERTS) Sports label. Congratulations, Pete! And as I was reading Engadget's blurb on the goings-on, I couldn't help but be surprised by the tone of the announcement.

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nix4109d ago

... why he left! right guys???!

come on! give me five!!!! q:

will be nice to see him talk about PS3 and how great it is... he he he... life is full of ironies! all the best, Pete!


Wow how many has that been today? a good 5 or 6?

N4G is a joke.

nix4109d ago

you should have been here six months back! this site was filled with "anti-PS3" news... it's a complete turn-around now. PS3 section is filled with games, new games, wow-previews, and upcoming games news while 360 section is quite the opposite. i am liking it. (no offense to any xbox fans or fan boys).

but technically if you see, this is not anti-MS news. it's anti-moore. yeah.. he betta watch his mouth nevertheless.

ALI G4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

the man is just like anyother CEO/VP a mask for the company take the hits , and once he took too much hits and people cannot belive what he says anymore ,they put on another mask.

RESPECT PETER YOU HAVE DONE WELL, all the best........

tehcellownu4109d ago

there was also a lot of negative news on the ps3 back then on n4g..

Why would peter jus go away all the sudden? everyone know that the 360 isnt makin no money...peter is smart to move away froom it..if the 360 was successful i wouldnt leave..

marinelife94109d ago

The article is right on. And it's more anti Peter Moore and the decisions he has made than anti Microsoft. Why would anyone sit there and sell a knowingly defective product to millions of people?

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donscrillinger4109d ago

what the hell does this cat know about footabll and etc. ?im lost here

FreedomReign4109d ago

Peter Moore developed the division from scratch @ Sega over 6 years ago.

As to whether or not he's learned from his mistakes.
What's it they say about teaching old dogs?


maybe the 360 fans are busy playing quality games on their console of choice.

I mean, the same cant obviously be said for the PS3

nix4109d ago

...i am searching for a bubble which i lost somewhere... i have serious doubts that this might be the place. why? oh why?

tomfoolery4109d ago

and Kuntaragi NEEVER(sarcasm)demonstrated a painful case of foot-in-mouth disease,or dug himself into a hole of some sort.Really
Faelt think before you makes it easier on the reader.

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