NVIDIA exec to PC makers: Pimping overpriced gaming PCs hurts

Is it too expensive to be a PC gamer? Roy Taylor, VP of content relations for NVIDIA, says that some gaming publishers feel that way, particularly when DirectX 10 is involved. But, he says, that perception is created by PC manufacturers who are primarily interested in pushing high-cost gaming machines rather than less expensive yet capable boxes.

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clownfacemcgee4109d ago

Consoles like the 360 and PS3 are sold at a loss at first. The Wii was sold at a profit to start, and the 360 is now turning over a profit on each one. But PC's have always been sold at a profit. PC manufacturers aren't interested in selling games, so they have to make a profit on the PC's they sell. I think that's why PC gaming is so expensive.

Rabid Anti-Nintendo Fanboy comment:
And the Wii turns over a profit because Nintendo is a gigantic scam.

Thank you for listening to my rant and have a nice day. =)

VirusE4109d ago

Pc prices are out of control. I built a machine in march and i priced the same machine out at alienware, voodoo, dell and gateway. All of them wanted at least 1000 more (voodoo want like 1500 more) than what i paid for the exact same system! It just outrageous in my opinion.
My system is an antec 900, evga 680i, leadtek 8800gts, x6800 (3.6ghz), dominator 8500, themaltake 700w psu, 2 74gig raptors, a sata dvd rom drive, logitech g5 mouse, nostromo n52 and a gateway 24" monitor . I got the whole system and vista 64 for about 3000.

LeShin4109d ago

Well, i've given up on pc gaming, it's far too bloody expensive and i've got better things to spend my thousands of pounds it takes to build a top of the line PC everytime a high spec game comes out.

xg-ei8ht4109d ago

Its funny so far, the most problematic games for pc users are infact 360games.

Splinter cell chaos theory - alot of problems on 8800 series, mostly fixed now.

But when Lost planet,dirt, and soon to be released Gears of war. and then crysis, you'll need a top end pc to run those games at decent framerates and a decent rez.

I'll be buying a new rig soon.

Still got a 3500athlon [email protected], 1.5gb ram, 6800gt, runs bf2 sweetly, and alot of other games, but the two games above already out, can't even be run on my system decently on lower settings.

And i'd be happy with 1024x768.

But once i upgrade i'll be playing a much higher rez, its just it'll cost moneY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Dogswithguns4108d ago

gamingPC costs over $1000, and it still doesnt have 2 core nor 8800 card, it would then even more expensive..... Im done with gamingPC since my 1st time selfbuilt. and it's only been about two months.