Perry: Wii Appeal Won't Last

While the Wii is currently the fastest selling home console globally, Dave Perry has asserted that the graphical prowess of rival next generation hardware will steal consumers away from its user base. He also believes that the Wii's interface is not the "final solution".

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mikeslemonade5423d ago

First true PS3 game is going to be GT5 or MGS4. Every single game has been using less than 50% power of the cell.

mrk015423d ago

People are getting tired of the minigames and mediocore graphics.
This is barely next-gen compared to the PS2 and Xobx, the wii-mote is the only thing that separates it from "last-gen".

Rute5423d ago

And the only thing that separates Xbox 360 from the original Xbox is graphical performance. PS3 fairs better as it has Blu-ray and Sixaxis.

clownfacemcgee5423d ago

But the Wii has the advantage of the mass market. I think the mass market brings down all consoles, because if they buy the low end technology, then what incentive do we really have to move forward? It just becomes a race to the bottom in terms of who can have the lowest price, regardless of value. You know, throw in a few gimmicks, which is what the PC market does with their "hyperthreading" or the memory car readers that cost $1 to throw in. I really hope consoles don't go that way, and they have one advantage and that's that they don't have to run accessory applications like PC's do. PC's have to be able to run Word or Powerpoint or iMovie or Maya or Google Earth or an E-Mail client, because they're for work, so they have to be able to do that AND game, so they become more expensive to produce. Whereas consoles give you just games, and they don't have to worry about all the other apps you can run or not, so they can focus on just tuning their hardware to the games. (god this rant is already too long) And once more manufacturers get into the market, we can really see competition. (but, as in the Wii's case, that doesn't always help) =)

HokieFan5423d ago

I think that the integration of Xbox Live into the 360 is another major "next-gen" feature of the 360...the way you can interact with your friends on Live on the 360 is pretty amazing.


the Wii will fade into insignificance as the xbox 360 and PS3 approach affordable price points.

ITR5423d ago

What makes you think the Wii won't go cheaper, if everyone else does?
$199 would be the first drop, if any.

Adamalicious5423d ago

Certainly the Wii will come down eventually, but not nearly as fast as the PS3 or even, possibly the 360. The components in the PS3 are more bleeding edge so they will come down in price more drastically than those of the Wii. Also it's already the least expensive, selling well. why drop the price?

My point is that they have less to save in hardware costs and little incentive to reduce the price so I don't expect them to anytime soon. Most likely they will to combat the price adjustment of competitors sometime - maybe in 18-24 months.


I cant see the Wii selling any more than it currently is on a month-by-month basis. Whereas for PS360 that is obviously a different story.

Marty83705423d ago

Fads never last, neither will Wii.

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The story is too old to be commented.