UK set to get own event instead of X07, says Microsoft

Following the news that this year's X0 event has been cancelled, a Microsoft spokesperson has told that the UK will get its own Xbox 360 event instead.

"X07 is not going ahead," the spokesperson confirmed.
"We're looking at doing something here in the UK. It will be from a UK point of view, not from a European point of view."

According to the spokesperson, the timing for the new UK event is "still to be confirmed". However, he did state that it is set to take place "before Christmas".

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boi4114d ago

oooo yes bring it on...i been waiting for a goddamn game event for ages here...mine the last 1 i went to was the Playstation experience event and ive been waiting for any kind of game event till then but now yea xbox360 event!!!

Daewoodrow4114d ago

nice, it would make a nice change for us to get something, particularly without being lumped together with Europe. I might try and attend.

SuperSaiyan44114d ago

So I can make it! Then I can get hold of those rare faceplates and sell them for hundreds like the US people keep doing!

Well maybe not that but it would be great to have something like this finally!

Mr Scooch4114d ago

Surely this isn't the start of gaming companies actually recognising us gamers in the UK???

That'd be incomprehensible.

Good job tho, let's just hope it's not going to be a "Trade only" event!!!

Odion4114d ago

Ooooo look all the doom and gloom people were calling an end to MS, well looks like their just going to have a UK event this year, so take way X07 being canceled as a big deal from the crazy people.


finally an event i can actually attend! Good to see Microsoft is repaying the loyalty the UK market is showing the xbox 360 :D

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The story is too old to be commented.