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Mass Effect is about many things - exploration, war, adventure, romance, politics and, of course, lots of weird and creepy space aliens. But above everything else, Mass Effect is about choice. Watching the game for just half an hour at this year's E3, Games Radar were positively staggered by the number of large and small decisions the player was forced to make, and how reaching an impact each one had.

It begins before you even start the game. Do you want your hero, Commander Shepard, to be male or female? The selection affects more than your appearance, which can be customized to an infinite degree anyway. Playing a woman will alter certain chapters of the storyline and, because a different voice actor was needed, affect the interpretation and emotion of every scene.

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will make people think "KOTOR wha? wasnt that game big in the 90's or something?"

ALI G4135d ago

just cannot wait for it, THE GAME OF THE YEAR.

Captain Tuttle4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

And KOTOR was amazing. This game will set a new standard, just like GTA and WoW did.

burgh jon4135d ago

This is going to rock. defo contender for game of the year mass=massive

M1am1U4135d ago

simply incredible. Bring it on, I can't wait. Game of the year, IMO.


Wow, MASS EFFECT has finally started geting the recognition & respect it deserves in the last few weeks. You guys have already said it all, this is the game that may finally make me put down my GEARS disc ...

the_round_peg4134d ago

since the first Baldur's Gate ten years ago.