Checking Out Batman: Arkham Asylum Game Of The Year Edition...In 3D!

Gameinformer writes: "Earlier this month Square Enix released a new Game of the Year Edition of their extremely popular superhero action game, Batman: Arkham Asylum. In addition to some downloadable bonus maps packed in, this new release includes a 3D mode that works on any TV. We decided to grab some copies and test out the new 3D mode for ourselves."

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Pandamobile3071d ago

I hope they didn't try to resell the PC version as "Now in 3D" because you can use Anaglyph and Stereoscopic with the regular version of the game.

darkmurder3071d ago

Lol wait for some sucker to buy this when we've had ti for god knows how long on PC.

multipayer3071d ago

They definitely did, I'm staring at it in my gfwl client(from when it went on sale) and this is a completely separate version along with the couple of DLCs that were included. If this wasn't so insignificant I could be upset or something. That leads to high blood pressure and stuff... they must be trying to kill their fans.

Chris_TC3071d ago

Yup, this is pretty hilarious. They discovered anaglyph images. ZOMG! Breakthrough! Can be watched on any TV but looks like azz.

I'll stick with Nvidia 3D Vision, thank you.

dizzleK3071d ago

maybe i'm just silly but personally batman didn't top the list of games i wanted to see a 3D version of.

Faztkiller3071d ago

I have a hard time seeing this type of 3d but I may rent it somewhere just to try it out

badz1493071d ago

I have the game - yes this 3d GoTY version. I bought it because I've never got the game before and I heard that it is good and I read on the internet that the 3D also works quite good. it's a great deal for the game and all the DLCs at the price I paid but the 3D things are shallow at best or should I say most of the time unnoticeable or my TV just suck eventhough I don't think it is! so, I turned on the 3D effect for around 30 minutes and then shut if off and played the game without it all the way! really, it's nothing special and I'm kinda disappointed tbh!

Chris_TC3071d ago

You have a hard time with it because anaglyph 3D is completely subpar. It messes up the colors and has tons of ghosting.

Quagmire3071d ago

Ive seen this in 3d, and it is amazing. For all the 3D haters out there, u really need to see it for yourself

earbus3071d ago

3d has been around longer than 50 years 3 stooges did 3d it allways gets hip and dies every ten years just gives u a headache

instrumentalist3071d ago

TRUTH contained in post above.

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The story is too old to be commented.