Little Big Planet Items and Levels Interview Video

The game's technical director tells us about the different ways players can complete levels as they create items to make the gaming experience different each time.

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computer4930d ago

I love Little Big Planet... it's so creative!

teh_tourist4929d ago

why can't they just release it today?

unleash bass4929d ago

This is the only game I've seen on PS3 which makes me wish I had one, but still too expensive just for playing one game.

It looks great and is very original.

xXheidiXx4929d ago

its such a cute game :) i want it!!! i've only got 5 games at the moment, im still waitin 4 heavenly sword :)

GavinMannion4929d ago

I can't wait to try this game out but I am worried about how long this game can keep my interest for...

It doesn't actually have a point does it?

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