2Chan Explains Why Japan Hates Xbox360

Why doesn't Xbox 360 sells well in Japan? Japanese forum 2channel weighed in with its opinion.

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Lord Anubis4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

"I got it! Sell it packaged with Vista!!"

"Even though I want to buy an Xbox 360 more than the PS3, I am going to hold off until the console breakdowns decrease."


you have never played Hot Shot (mina no golf)? you gotta be kidding me. Its a fun addictive game, especially when played against people.

jromao4161d ago

Sell it with PS3 pack, only way to get 360 "selling" millions and fast.

Phantom_Lee4161d ago

whats the difference between this golf game and other golf games?

ALI G4161d ago

...........theses sons of b1tches

eLiNeS4161d ago

Hmmm, I don't think so. If anything bundle it with a Wii, that would sell 8 x more then with a PS3.

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Phantom_Lee4162d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

wow...they really like hot shots golf....and I dont know why...

ok...I really need somebody to tell me why its so good

The Wood4161d ago

addictive like bomber man

iceice1234161d ago

It is made by M$ and they're American. They don't wont there video game business to crumble, it's the major thing they've got. M$ is a huge threat to that, so they don't buy it. Easy as that.

codeazrael4161d ago

The Japanese culture is one where they support Japanese made products. Look here even in America, Asian dudes ALWAYS are driving Japanese vehicles. I have yet to see one in a Mustang. And this is not bad, I think it is admirable to support the work of your country by being so loyal to its products. But hey, I'm American and I support American products, and that's why the LEADER of this console race, the Xbox 360 is the only console in my home. Tell Nintendo and Sony to call back when they not only have more games, but better quality ones, too. Compliments courtesy of the RED, WHITE, and BLUE

tplarkin74161d ago

It has little to do with nationality. My Korean friends simply liked asian cars. They like the rounded, refined, sleek style. The same goes for the 360. If the 360 had FFXIII and Dragon Quest exclusive, the Japanese would ditch Sony and Nintendo in a heartbeat.

ack5914161d ago

People buy product based on the quality value. This is why most of the the foreigners (Asians/ Latinos) buy Japanese cars, eventhough average Japanese cars are more expensive than domestic cars. Do you know the brokedown rate between Japanese and domestic cars?

360Sheep4161d ago

hahahaha.. oh man, you gotta be kidding me, japanese people only buying japanese products, its actually pretty simple, they don't buy crap.. american cars? absolute crap, american electronics? Crap. They value craftsman ship in their products, and american are learning the value of it also, look at toyota taking over the automobile industry, look at all the successful electronics companies, its really that simple, they don't settle for crap

PS3n3604161d ago

Japaneese dont buy crap? Thats pretty rich. Please explain why they buy more hello kitty keychains and pencil cases than PS3's every day. The japanese are famous for indulging in frivilous crap. I am not saying PS3 is crap by the way I personally believe it is very high quality. I just find your arguement to be baseless.

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Anything but Cute4161d ago

Japanese reject XBOX 360 simply because it's American made. HAHAHA

And if PS3 works hard it has a chance to knock off CRAPBOX 360, just because PS3 has more Japanese support. PS3 has 1 of the 3 major continents secured over XCRAP 360. So far Sony has sucked ass beyond belief this generation but things are looking up a bit. $100 cut was a good start but it's gonna take a lot more still.

the_round_peg4161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

... 2? 1?

Japanese will only buy something from Americans if they can't make it themselves... like big-budget movies and iPods. I really can't think of anything else.

Actually, it's not just Americans. It's how Japanese treat the rest of the world, really.

the_round_peg4161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

Japan is the only country in which you, your parents and your grandparents could be born there, and you would still NOT be a Japanese citizen by birth if you're not Japanese by blood.

I know a Korean dude. He was born and raised in Japan. Both his parents were born and raised in Japan. And most of his grandparents were raised in Japan... and he's still NOT a Japanese citizen! He still does not have a Japanese passport. Why? Because he's "Korean" and not a full "Japanese". The dude does not even know how to speak Korean.

That's the darker side of Japan you don't hear about, and all you idiots think Japan is a wonderful country with wonderful people.

Vojkan4161d ago

I agree on everything you said. Japanese are very arrogant, ignorant people. Everything that comes from west, they take from granted or copy it(or not) and represent it as theirs.
Like you said big budget movies and Ipod are only 2 things that sell there, that are from west.

Even today you can find restaurant, bars, etc with signs on the doors that say "No white man!". Show me one place like that anywhere in EU or USA? I dare you to show me ONE that has that kind of sign on the door.

My father was a sailor almost 30 years ago and than it was even worst.

Racist sh!T

Babylonian4161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

I once read about that, they really look down against other people who are not Japanese of descent. I heard that they even pick on half-bloods because they are not 100% Japanese. I'm not saying all of them are, but the majority is racist.

pretty sad actually.

Babylonian4161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

Damn you double post

PlayStation3604161d ago

except for the "majority" part. So thats why i disagreed. Saying over 50% of a population is racist is a little much bro. I'm not saying you are 100% wrong, but come on now brother. It is however true Japan recognizes citizenship by blood, not birth, as ktchong stated. A "Jus Sanguinis" State if you will. That I believe is really wrong. I heard some people now are trying to change that rule, don't know too much about that though.

r10004161d ago

Yea.... I'm going to have to disagree, I did a whole year in Japan when i was in the marine corps, i was fortunate enough to be in a unit that did a lot of training around that country. I met some pretty cool japanese people while i was there

I was there in 2000 around the time the ps2/Gamecube was being launched and I got to see 1st hand how much they love video games, and sony and nintendo. I guess being there that year is why I lean more towards Sony, and Nintendo.

Spending time in Tokyo reminded me of just being in Manhattan at times. Japan is a pretty cool place.

You want to talk about arrogance, go to Spain... but thats a whole other conversation.

codeazrael4161d ago

If Japan or anybody else had the equivalent of Hollywood and all of these studios budgets, Japanese would be watching Jet Li as Spiderman and say screw our version with Tobey Mcguire, I guarantee. Same thing with iPods, if the DS had a music service as robust as iTunes with the same amount of songs and what not, and perhaps a DS nano edition, then Japanese wouldnt even know what an iPod was.

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