Pokemon: How Old is Too Old?

"Perhaps this post isn’t anything more than me venting out my frustrations with people who refuse to understand why I would choose to play Pokemon over something like Call of Duty or World of Warcraft. Or to those who think they’ve outgrown the franchise that they used to love just because they got older. "

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unrealgamer585170d ago

Hey you like what you like, But I think the anime Is going absolutley no where. think It's going to be like inuyasha (Builds up so much in the end it cant deliver)

theonlylolking5170d ago

The tv show is crap after the 5th season.

Caspel5170d ago

I only enjoyed the first season when I was younger. I wanted more consistency with the show.

Blaze9295170d ago

I agree - the TV needs to end. The games have always been fun though - figured I'd never "catch em all" though and stopped trying after Ruby version.

JD_Shadow5170d ago

The TV show is crap now, and the reason why it went to crap was because there was no character development at all, despite clues that there would be at SOME point. They kept forgetting what the hell they did with the characters in one episode, and acted like it never happened in the next. They were being stand alone with the episodes when they had to be serial with it.

The games are good, though. But I would love to see them make a game that was in the line of a Kingdom Hearts or old-school Final Fantasy. That would be perfect instead of the usual system (which is fine, but I think it needs a shot in the arm).

Redempteur5170d ago

if only the characters in the TV grew a little ... i mean how many tournaments ? how many victories in the end ... Even goku won his tournament after the third attempt ..but in pokemon .. well that would be too much to ask ..

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FACTUAL evidence5170d ago

I stopped watching the series after Johto. I was always the fan of the games, and always loved to see the new pokemon each gen. I'm waiting on black and white to see what nintendo did with these hot new creatures...Pokemon>COD.

Nihilism5170d ago

I'm 24 an still buy the games, no way in hell i'd watch the show, games are pretty timeless, but the show is definitely for kids

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Fierce Musashi5170d ago

Mm-hm. Don't see why there has to be an age limit to play such an addictive game franchise.

athmaus5170d ago

i agree to that! secretly tears open new Mario game :)

Yi-Long5170d ago

Who cares what other people say or MIGHT say!? Just play, watch and listen to whatever you want.

I'm 33, and I like 'mature' stuff like Dexter, The Sopranos, Wong-Kar Wai movies, and all that, but I also still enjoy Looney Toons, anime, comicbooks, etc etc.

I'm not going to 'censor' my own entertainment just because some other people might consider me 'too old' for it. Hell no.

Caspel5170d ago

Looney Toons are ah-mazing.

CimmerianDrake5170d ago

Bugs Bunny is the shit. Bugs Bunny is still great today, which just goes to show you that todays shows suck by comparison. My fave is Inki and the Minah bird (because of the music), and Yosemite Sam when he tries to make Bugs Bunny go off the high dive and fails every time.

Here's Inki and the Minah if you don't know what I'm talking about.

nveenio5170d ago

Is there an age limit for playing on a swing set? What about the children's rides at the carnival? Is there a difference between those two things? Is there a difference between Looney Toons and Pokemon?

Your answer to all of those questions will always be objective and made in an attempt to argue in favor of your opinion. BUT, here's a list of the right answers:

1) No - Swing sets are designed for children and adults alike.
2) Yes - Safety of the rider is a concern.
3) Yes - Design is the difference.
4) Yes - Again, Looney Toons was originally created for adults, not children.

I've seen Pokemon on TV, and I think it's about the stupidest thing ever. It's like they just make it up as they go along... "I'm going to use Super Sword Fighter for 20 points!" And then the other guy says, "My Plasma Shield deflects your Sword Fighter for 30 reflux damage. HAHA!"

It's ridiculous. If you're over the age of....I'll be generous...If you're over the age of 7, it's time to walk away.

Fierce Musashi5170d ago (Edited 5170d ago )

I'm certainly NOT talking about the Pokemon anime but rather the games. That anime went down hill ages ago. Anyway, Pokemon is not resrticted to a certain age, so there was not need for all of that. Comparing a video game such as this, that can be played by all ages, to kiddy rides at the carnival is totally silly and don't make a point. Pfft.

Thank you for your 2 cents.

nveenio5169d ago

But there IS a need for all of that because the question is "How old is too old?" So, I made an attempt at distinguishing why some things have age limits. They have age limits because of their intended design. I'm sorry I didn't get my point across and maybe seemed a little brash. But, let me clear it up:

If it's designed for children, leave it for the children.

I'm talking in general, not specifically about Pokemon. If you can say, "Pokemon is designed for everyone," then don't worry about How-Old-Is-Too-Old. Just play and have fun.

Godmars2905170d ago

Probably when you have a lead-in picture like that...

AlexC5170d ago

I kind of got bored with the series after Ruby/Sapphire, but this article did bring some good memories back! Maybe I'll go pick up Heart Gold now...

Gandalf5170d ago

The only answer is NEVER.