Gamespy's E3 2007 Awards

As it turned out, the "new" summit suffered some expected snags, but when the dust cleared, there still ended up being a ton of new games and there were indeed many major announcements to be made. In fact, the new stripped-down format may have been the perfect way to focus on an incredible 2007 holiday lineup that may go down as one of the best ever. Check out Gamespy's E3 2007 awards.

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It's a mess...

LBP is the 5th best between all the games of E3 by their list. 3rd better PS3 game by this same list.

But then you go to the 5 better games only considering the PS3 title (exclusive or multi, COD4 is there) and there they put LBP as 1st... Where have gone Fallout and Rock Band? Both was higher than LBP in the overall list.