Time To Cash In On The Xbox

After nearly a decade of toil and billions of dollars burned, it's time for Microsoft to show that it can make money at something besides software. It's time to turn a profit on the Xbox.

Of course, to fault Microsoft (nasdaq: MSFT - news - people ) for the billions burned on the Xbox, its clumsy effort to trump Apple's iPod with the Zune digital media player, and its lackluster online efforts is to miss the big picture. Few companies are better at making money than Microsoft.

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Odion5424d ago

so it would seem like, as long as Halo does Halo MS will be making money by the start of October, I say gratz to them, their finally out of the hole and making some money on the Xbox.

I do however agree with Forbes their going to drop the price of the system which may induce some stalling in how long it takes to make profit, but its prob for the best

eLiNeS5424d ago

The cost to make the Xbox 360 I'm sure has dropped no doubt in those two years a little and when the 65nm Xenon CPU comes out then for sure you will see a nice price drop. I don't think M$ will need a price drop until November since people on the fence waiting for HALO ][][][ to drop will buy with a price drop or not. M$ will be on target to finally be in the black.

Greysturm5423d ago

That they couldnt get the earnings of the lower development cost of the 360 since they are not producing them and the manufacturers that are ave a contract that states a fixed selling price but well who knows maybee its a flexible price.

Bloodmask5424d ago

They are new to the hardware game. I think they are turning a profit faster than they thought they would.

Initially I thought they estimated over 10 yrs to turn a profit. I do remember an interview where they stated that they saw XBOX as an investment, that will build over time.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

I like it, it... looks good on you.

Nice Vid to LOL, bubbles up for being real bro :-)

computer5424d ago

Not surprising really, I'm just wondering what kind of world we would have if Microsoft and Sony banded together =]
Sounds tasty.

nobizlikesnowbiz5423d ago

Sounds oppressive.

Like being in a Nazi bondage situation.

Odion5424d ago

sounds to me like a 10 00 dollar consoles

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The story is too old to be commented.