The Reason for Annoying People On Xbox Live

Article detailing how one of Xbox Live's biggest strengths is the source of its biggest weakness.

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Zaskark35424d ago

I found the best way to get rid of the morons is to change your gaming zone to recreation or family. I have come across fewer idiots since switching.

iceice1235424d ago

And have met my fair share of idiots, so I can't imagine how bad it must be in pro / underground...

nobizlikesnowbiz5423d ago

I've been in hardcore/pro/recreation/family .

They all have their share of idiots. It's funny sometimes though.

Sometimes kids are just eh...

Why won't your mom just leave you in a microwave you little turd??

THE VIOLATOR5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

Agreed, this is good advice, but here are a few more tips

1. Aforementioned change gaming zone.
2. Out of your friends list, whoever usually hosts the game should simply kick the annoying people. My friends list is about full, I play alot of Gears, & everyone always wants me to host because I don't take any crap from anyone, I don't start or perpetuate trash talking or glitching, & I will boot anyone who starts talking smack or glitches.
3. Merc 'em. This is my favorite. Most trash talkers don't have any skills, that's why they talk, just like Fanboys like Peter Moore here below. They get real quiet at the end of a match when they have won 0 out of 5+ rounds.
4. MUTE & AVOID PLAYER. I find alot of people just don't use these features although they are right at your fingertips. Someone's bothering you & your boyz ? Mute them, avoid player in player review, merc 'em & then boot 'em if they are really getting under your skin.
5. Any racial or other remarks that go way over the line ? File a complaint. After a player receives enough complaints, they are kicked off XBL for 72 hours & told why via PM.

Another great thing about MUTE & AVOID player is once you do that, they will REMAIN muted if you ever run into them again. I wish you could MUTE & AVOID all the little flaming fanboys on this website ! But, like in life, just ignore a$$h0le$ & enjoy yourself & your friends.

cprince015424d ago

Even in recreation I have met countless people whose sole goal is to be annoying. I have just gotten quick with the mute, submit player, and file complaint features.

PETER M00RE5424d ago

Here is how it works so STFU

if you disagree or remove my bubbles it means your a fanboy and want to suck bill gates D!(K
if you give me bubbles and agree with me Sony rules

The Xbox 3fixme will die in two months and all the broken ones go to ebgames @$$

so think brfore you press disagree Im watching!!!!!

Kutaragi Ken5424d ago

Sony is the corporation who sucks. Sadly that's my faul, I failed them with my idea with for the PS3. I actually pitched the idea as a joke...they took my idea and ran with it.

ASSASSYN 36o5424d ago

You represent everything this article is talking about peter.

I have friends that have played xbox 360 on-line for 5 months and have yet to explore marketplace. So it comes as no surprise when people can not figure out that since it's inception xbox-live has a MUTE feature. All you need to do is highlight the level 9 retard in players list and mute them at the bottom of the provided options. Problem eliminated because they will stay muted forever in any game you play on xbox-live. Or you could just do my favorite boot them if you are the host.

ShiftyLookingCow5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

@Peter M00re and Kutaragi Ken

lame corporate soap opera my a$$

@Double-Edged, thanks, one for you too.

Double-Edged5424d ago

I agree 100% with you.

But really... this ken guy... he's comedy... lol

bubbles for you Darth


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Bloodmask5424d ago

A lot of people are immature and just get off on making other people miserable.

Usually bc they are unhappy themselves and/or have low self esteem. For every idiot you mute there will be 2 to replace him.

It isn't XBOX Live, it is the quality of people in this world.


True as a punch in the stomach... Whoever gets more people online will have more fu(king bastards.

It's not like a MS problem, since all the Big Three have at least a considerable number of people chatting, will surface that you always need a mute option and patience.

SofaKingReetodded5424d ago

i find that PSN is the exact opposite of live in that people are actually act like people. go figure...........

eLiNeS5424d ago

UMMM, maybe that’s because only 1 out of a 100 have a headset most likely. Give it some time, you will get your fair share I am sure.

I think the game that made people act in the worst way was HALO 2. All the other games I play online never get as bad as the crap that spews from peoples mouths when playing HALO 2. I think what it is, is the proximity chat they have. When you get close enough to an enemy you can hear them and vice- versa. This is where they start trash talking like mad and if they kill you they can continue trash talking you as they tea bag the hell out of you until you span back 10 sec later. After a few hours of that you find yourself almost acting the same way. I am so glad HALO ][][][ wasn't as bad, maybe because there wasn't as many people online in the beta as there will be come Sep. 25th. Good thing they added the quick mute function in HALO ][][][. All games need to get that, some games take forever to get to the mute button and almost not worth it.

WilliamRLBaker5424d ago

what service you use you run into idiots and there is a simple solution that takes 5 seconds......mute them....

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