David Jaffe responds to 'Jaffe Disses Miyamoto' & Sony Haters

David Jaffe the creator of God Of War posts in his personal blog:
"Usually when stuff I say pisses off my net brothers and sisters, I usually chalk it up to:

a- I just rub certain people the wrong way. Fair enough, I know people in my life as well who- from the instant I met them- I just did not like. I can see myself generating that kind of response in some folks, especially given how outspoken and opinionated I can be and how some folks feel we should all instead just be respectful and quiet at all times. Fair enough- different strokes and all that.

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Husso5428d ago

wii kids get their panties in a twist real easy.

LeShin5428d ago

Bloody hell! Are you trying to tell me human beings can't express their opinion and say they actually dislike something? Hell, if I think a game is crap i can say so. The funny thing is, I read his blog and he didn't even diss Miyamoto.

Stupid idiots....

midgard2295428d ago

he didnt even diss miyamoto, so wwhy is this up??

Kutaragi Ken5428d ago

Is an amazing new console. which is why it is kicking the sh!t out of our playstation brand. We're idiots and got way way way to coky after the PS1. And now we're in dead last, our estimate is to take lead by March 2008. We really know that isn't true, but it makes our precious idiot consumer happy.

Double-Edged5428d ago

and man...
I am your #1 fan.
lol.... your comments are too funny.


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The story is too old to be commented.