Final Fantasy XII Sold 2 Million In Japan Alone !

Final Fantasy XII took top honors at this year's PlayStation Awards ceremony, held in Tokyo on the 25th. The Square Enix blockbuster took home a double platinum prize, in recognition of its two million plus sales.

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achira5398d ago

this game is fantastic, no wonder that they sell it so much !!

Bhai5398d ago

Even more fantastic is that its on a 6 years old hardware, that doesn't even have a dedicated GPU, and only visual memory is 4mb, PLUS only 32 mb of RAM that's all. No doubt PS2 has and brings the best industry has to offer !

PS3 Owns All5398d ago

The Final Fantasy series IS an awesome series and should stay with the PlayStation family. The PlayStation 2 is an amazing system. The PlayStation 2 was the slowest loading, lowest graphics and power. And yet the PlayStation 2 is still even today, the most dominant console in sales in the world!