Epic's Cliffy B talks E3, praises Assassins, Crysis, Stranglehold & more

Cliff Bleszinski the lead game designer for Gears of War talks E3 and the gaming highlights of the event including Assassin's Creed, Crysis, Bioshock, Condemned 2 and Stranglehold.

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Mighty Boom5423d ago

Im sooo sick of hearing about "Cliffy B"! Someone give me a shotgun!

MyNutsYourChin5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

But with his feminine figure and glass mouth you should get the same effect with a nice solid slap to his face.

And while you're at it do the same to his butt buddy, David Jaffe.

Kutaragi Ken5423d ago

And three times I ever will be, I really damaged this industrys image, sry guyz.

WIIIS15423d ago

Not just the industry fool! Don't you think you have to account to the parents of those idiot fans you've created and society in general too?

bootsielon5423d ago

"Why he's twice the man you will ever be.
And three times I ever will be, I really damaged this industrys image, sry guyz."

Why so humble, Ken? After all, you've been called the "Gutenberg" of videogames, and if it wasn't for you, gaming wouldn't have hit the mass market, 100+ million consoles sold twice. Not to mention multimedia enabled consoles...

Kutaragi Ken5423d ago

For the ps2 wasn't even my idea, we stole some more Nintendo tech and ideas, of course. (the PS1 was all done by Nintendo, then we up and took it). It would have done much bttr without me, Nintendo n64 pwned the ps cuz we were lost.the ps2 i kept alive cuz i got gta on it all ourr othrez suked gta kept us chuging along, we weere amazing til the xbox cam and wtfpwnd us. we are now feeling its effects diz jen when i faild u all by putin that bluray in the ps3 cuz i needed it to force our new format dwn ur throat, cuz we would uv failed like umd and in short i did nothing but be the ugly psterboy, its really nintendo u shld thank

Kutaragi Ken5423d ago

u no nutin out duh industry well im out gona go play sum 360 they got games woth touchin

ShiftyLookingCow5423d ago

I want a Celebrity Deathmatch between N4G's Bill Gates and Ken Kutaragi.

Mr VideoGames5423d ago

Xbox will pave the way the World will play VideoGames

ShiftyLookingCow5423d ago

stop spamming with that lame @$$ video already

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