TheSixthAxis: New Releases: May 24 – 30th

Though not as punishing on your purse-strings as last week, there’s enough here to keep your local money-lender on speed-dial. Michael Thornton finally surfaces for a long overdue debriefing, while we also see a contender to the wonderful Split/Second: Velocity drive up to the traffic lights, engines a purring in challenge. Oh, and those sweaty, oily meatheads are back to pummel each other senseless.

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RankFTW3774d ago

Only Alpha Protocall for me this week.

chak_3774d ago

graphic wise no actually :p

But everything else looks cool, I'm in a hurry to play it !

Roper3163774d ago

I have had mine preordered since like last August when it was supposed to be released last October. I am really looking forward to playing it and seeing what it has to offer in the mixed genre bag.