PS3 Out Sells 360 In North America

Hardware: Console Weekly Total Week Ending 7/14 show the PS3 at 41,005 and the 360 at 35,084 a difference of 5,921. Other hardware numbers are listed below.

DS 97,404
Wii 76,394
PSP 50,890
PS2 43,406
PS3 41,005
X360 35,084
GBA 14,451
GC 1,864
Xbox 11

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Shadow Flare5176d ago (Edited 5176d ago )

The start of something big. I mean this is happening NOW, when there's barely any of sony's AAA games out compared to 360's plethora. From August onwards, we'll see some high sales for ps3, i guarentee it

I found this more funny actually:

PS2 43,406
Xbox 11

Razzy5176d ago

yeah, just noticed that. lol

PS2 43,406
Xbox 11

mrk015176d ago

only eleven Xbox's sold, that crazy

jromao5176d ago

And at this pace, soon the GTA IV extra content for 360 will be played by just a few players (the $50 million from MS to Rockstar "do it" well).

milthaar5176d ago

wow did not see this coming i mean japan ok thats sony land but north America? that's xbox hq

@razzy yea 11 x box's sold but I'm wondering how are the 11 people buying an xbox?

nasim5176d ago

NOTE:_ these are VGCHARTS number.

VGCHARTS have a history of downgrading ps3 numbers and deflating x360 numbers.

I think the actual ps3 sales might be closer to 60k or even 100k
and the x360 sales might be 30k.

wait for NPD numbers before making a judgement

JasonXE5176d ago

that the ps3 gain only a 5k differemce over the xbox 360 from the price drop which boost sales. I wonder what effect a $100 price drop at the right moment for the xbox 360 would effect sales? I thinking about a 10-25% increase...

xmod5176d ago (Edited 5176d ago )

Japanese people don't like American products for some reason. 11 Xboxes sold? Give me a break! (j/k)

MADGameR5176d ago

X Box fans have to admit, X Box sucked! The only words people were saying at that time was ''Halo 2! Halo 2!'' ROFL

Blabbermouth5176d ago

MS canceled all new software support for it, so if no one is making any new gamees for it, why would anyone buy it.

All though I do admit 11 is a very low number.

Crazy Larry5176d ago

I just LOVE how all you douche bags are replying to post #1 because you want to be closer to the top of the page. Why don't you actually REPLY to post #1, OR just start a new lame fanboyish, attention hungry bastards.

Texas GMR5176d ago

Now Microsoft needs to pull their head out of their ass and cut the price on all the sku's of the 360.

ALMIGHTYPS35176d ago

The MIGHTY SONY HAMMER is starting to drop on the defectbox360!LMAO!!!!

dragunrising5176d ago

Good thing PS3fanboys are so interested in sales data...The PS3 is leading in sales by 5,000 the week of the "clearance sale." If any of them pondered the FACT that the 360 has outsold the PS3 by at least 50k every month...they might rationalize that a. 5,000 is a very small number b. This lead is attributed to a $100 reduction price and c. The PS3 has become the cheapest blu-ray player and a percentage of people only want it for movies. I give Sony fanboys the benefit of the doubt they might look at these numbers more closely but if 200 posts are anything to go by I think its extremely doubtful.

5176d ago
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THAMMER15176d ago

Looks like the sale or discount worked.

mrk015176d ago

when the 80 gig comes out, I suspect it will be $499 with rumble controllers and the 60 gig will be $399. No way they will run out of 60 gigs by August, they are just calling it "temporary price-cut" so they can sell as many as they can.
-It'll suprise you like Keyzer Soze was actually Verbal Kint.

eLiNeS5176d ago (Edited 5176d ago )

will be back down under the Xbox 360. You will always get a spike when you have a few people on the fence waiting for a price drop. Will have to compare this with the Xbox 360 when they post the results for the week of sales of their price drop whenever that is, possibly in November. What’s funny is Fony had to drop their price after only 8 or 9 month while the Xbox 360 has yet to see a price drop going on 2 YEARS!!!

Once HALO ][][][ comes out the console sales will be going through the roof even without a price drop.

bamdad5176d ago

@ mrk01

good one dude bubbles

Keyser5176d ago

Hey mrk01!! Quit telling my secret!!!! And it's "Keyser" not "Keyzer"


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TriggerHappy5176d ago

I say we wait for NPD results.

power of Green 5176d ago

Thats it? with the fake price drop thats it?. Man if the 360 can get down to $200 the PS3 is finished and will be The start of something big.

macalatus5176d ago (Edited 5176d ago )

That's assuming that Microsoft can cover the cost of repairing every defective Xbox 360s (not even including the possibility of the cost of replacing every defective, 'old chip' 360s with Falcon-chipped 360s).

Not trying to flamebait or anything, I'm just saying the potential obstacles to a $200 Xbox 360.

PS-Wii-605176d ago (Edited 5176d ago )

ask the 40,000 ppl who bought those PS3s if it was fake ;)

Merovee5176d ago

But remember POG that even at 499 the PS3's price point is Higher than ALL of the 360's 3 SKU's. Meaning that whenever Sony does have a "real" price-drop (i.e. making sure there is always a SKU in the 499 or less pice range) they will be closing the gap despite having a stunted list of games. As more "must have" games roll out it will be even easier to close that gap.

dantesparda5176d ago (Edited 5176d ago )

"$200"!? what for the "Core"? that nobody wants? . I hope it does drop in price though, so that the Wii will eventually drop too, because of it, but then again, what if it the Wii keeps outselling the 360 even with a higher price? then that would show you that people just prefer the Wii

texism5176d ago

That's what he means by "fake". It's more like a clearance. Once the 60gig model is sold out, that's it. No more 60gig. "Buy em while you can" i guess is why it sold so much.

Rockstar5176d ago

The reason you see a big increase in PS3 is because PS2 owners are upgrading to the PS3.
Isn't the 360 cheaper still?
A 360 price drop may sell a few more consoles but most last gen owners are waiting for the PS3 IMO.

I however may be swayed to buy a 360 Christmas-ish since I have the other 2 next gen (read: this gen) platforms.

Off topic, damn...I love the camera work on GeOW...I need to play it at least once.

Dragonopolis5176d ago (Edited 5176d ago )

Microsoft lost millions because of large hardware failures and having to put some money aside to cover millions of 3 year extended warranty.

Sony still does not have a machine at the $399 price range Microsoft doesn't need a price the drop.

And they would be stupid to drop the price after the financial disaster that is "Red Rings of Death. Basically this hardware failure thing just was the final nail in the coffin for gaining any advantage coming out a year earlier.

It would have been better to have waited a year perfect or even better Hardware features gave developers almost another year to perfect their games. Gears of War would have been the AAA title Oblivion and Call of Duty probably would have been AAA. Forza would have been really good possibly AAA. At the minimum, Microsoft could have at least had made the hardware more streamline with little maintenance by end 1st quarter 2007. Then Microsoft could have stock pile for six to 8 months while giving developers time to streamline their games.

Basically Microsoft would have had more AAA titles, a smooth running machine, more Launch titles in the Gears of War category graphically, No launch shortages, and perhaps the possibility to internally add HD DVD and keep
the price at $399. Sony and Nintendo would be history.

But at last that is not what happen. In Microsoft's rush they manage to have a mediocre software launch and a year history of hardware failures and eventual extended warranties that costs millions. I am an Xbox 360 owner and I will be the first to admit that Microsoft was right about needing a year head start to trump Sony - IF done right. Well it wasn't done right was it Microsoft.

Microsoft can't afford a price war to slow Sony's roll that will continue through Christmas. The PS3 is good enough to keep its large Playstation community plus the PS3 beats Xbox 360 on Network efficiency but still needs to play catchup on user interface and features but those can easily be corrected/added with addition firmware updates. Give PS3 another year and I wouldn't be surpised if the Network experience will be better overall than on xbl.

So what am I saying is We Xbox 360 users need to admit defeat and face the facts, we will be battling for second place in the console war. In Xbox days, Nintendo had GameCube, so the battle was not really much of a battle for second place. This time Nintendo has the possibility to give us a run for our money.

I personally won't sweat it until Nintendo's momentum surpasses the number of Gamecube users of last generation. There was a lot of disappointed Gamecube owners who defected to Xbox 360. Nintendo was able to replace the lost of these gamers with a new type of casual gamer and curious gamers interested in the new controller. We as xbox 360 users know we will easily obtain the numbers of game owners that Gamecube accomplish last year but Nintendo has yet to prove that this surge of Wii owners isn't just their old user base moving from Gamecube to Wii plus recovering from the lost of gamers who were unhappy with the way nintendo handle the Gamecube (I know, I use to be one of those Gamecube owners). This means we Xbox 360 owners still have a good chance to hold on to second but our real enemy isn't Sony its Nintendo.

Nintendo's momentum right now is way better than what they every had on the Gamecube. We need to make sure that we stay in second place and not be steam rolled this generation. The Battle for second will not be a push over this time around Nintendo is out for blood.

Again, Sony's PS3 is good enough and economical enough to keep a lot if its Huge Playstation user base. That pretty much guarantees Sony a first place. So instead of fighting a losing battle we need to turn our attention to the one Console that has the potential to knock us into third place if we ignore it. We need to stop the useless nonsense of trying to convince people the Xbox 360 is better than the PS3. At the minimum we are equivalent in Power Graphically. In any hardware war with a loyal user base, the hardware that is competing needs to be more than its competitor and I'm sorry but Xbox 360 does not shine over the PS3 so more than likely most of the PS1 and PS2 owner will migrate to PS3 eventually because they are comfortable with the games, hardware, and the community.

This works for xbox 360 as well. Since the PS3 isn't shining over the Xbox 360, yet, there is no reason for loyal xbox 360 fans to jump ship. So pretty much Microsoft should keep its numbers from last year, the only threat to that is the Wii which has the potential this time to over take us for second if we ignore Nintendo.

I constantly see xbox 360 trolls all over several different PS3 forums trying to convince Playstion gamers that the PS3 is somehow defunctional. Well, the truth is that the PS3 is a pretty decent machine. All you trolls need to stop wasting your efforts on Sony forums and concentrate your efforts on convincing Wii owner the error of their ways. (I still believe the Wii is an over priced, over hyped, machine using technology that is way out of date but charging their customers a premium for it.)

There are enough exclusive games on the PS3 that I am very interested in plus I am a blu-ray supporter so it is only natural that I will eventually own a PS3 which unfortunately will only add to the already large Playstation user base. I am not the only Xbox 360 owner that will own a PS3 as well - I guarantee it.

Sony will probably keep the $499 price tag. Remember that there is rumors that a 120gig PS3 is being plan for Europe. It's possible that Europe will get this sku first then when supplies run out on the 60gig PS3 in the U.S., Sony will probably put the 80 in the $499 spot and eventually bring the European 120gig to the U.S. For $599. To keep the ball rolling, Europeans might continually see improvements first before America because there is no room for Sony to really juggle prices. Besides Europeans and Australians have been more supportive than We here in the States have been towards the PS3 so it only seems fair they would get the larger/newer features first. I'm not sure Sony's rotation of sku's will work as most Americans will probably just get the $499 version because the $599 version does not have enough features to justify the price.

Just for kickers; if Sony puts out the 80gig for $499, and the 120gig for $599, is 40gigs worth the extra $100 dollars?

What are your thoughts on a 40gig difference

The Swordsman5176d ago

40GBs extra would not be worth the extra $100. If you ever wanted a bigger hard drive, you should just buy the cheaper PS3 and then upgrade the hard drive. You could probably get a 120GB or larger hard drive for less than $100.

Daishi5176d ago

I agree with your thoughts, however as someone who actually sells systems and games I've noticed something crucial. 90% of PS2 owners are not loyal fanboys but casual gamers who bought it because so many of their friends did. These people aren't sitting on their hands either, they are buying Wii's because it is the thing to do. In fact, if trends continue it will be another 2 or 3 years before the vast majority even make a decision. Personaly I would rather my money go to an American company (and yes I know all three systems are made in China), if I was from Japan I would buy a PS3. I say this though I will own all 3 consoles;)

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Sangheili855176d ago

Who the hell even sales Xbox? i mean come on 11?!?!?!

ivant5176d ago (Edited 5176d ago )

I could not find a new xbox 6 months ago so I had to go used.