Assassin's Creed Most Popular IGN E3 Title

During E3 last week, Assassin's Creed was the most popular game of the show among the readers of IGN. Ubisoft's upcoming stealth/action game beat out the mighty Halo 3 (second place) and Activision's impressive Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (third) in reader popularity. Of the three platforms Assassin's will call home, the Xbox 360 version is by far the most popular, followed by the PlayStation 3 and PC iterations, respectively.

It should be noted that Assassin's Creed was the most popular cross-platform title, while Halo 3 was the most popular exclusive.

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omansteveo5417d ago

Why? i was dissapointed with their showing it was nothin new the same level we have seen for the last year or so....yawn gimme somethin new

mrk015417d ago

this was ahighly anticipated game, steller story, very original IP...
and after showing the bugful and somewhat disappointing but funny demo at E3, it became the talk of the town.

chasegamez5417d ago

i will not buy this game
unless there a demo
i lose faith in this game after
e3 no demo , no sale

mrk015417d ago

I know the graphics have not improved since E3 06, but the game is still in the works, its not even due 'till the end of the year.
we'll see my friend.