Nintendo Co., Ltd. Corporate Management Policy Briefing

This is a Nintendo management policy briefing. It includes a video and a slide show with sales and unit figures for Nintendo's consoles and hand helds as well as a few non-Nintendo consoles and handhelds.

Just a note, the image posted along with this report is not from the actual briefing, although I really wish it was.

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ItsDubC5118d ago (Edited 5118d ago )

VERY nice find! I didn't listen to the speeches but I took a glance through a lot of the slides and I must say, there is a ton of useful information to be found here. Of particular interest are the slides showing that Nintendo has reinvigorated the videogame industry and its appeal in Japan. I'm still looking through the slides but again, tons of useful info here not just about Nintendo but about competing consoles as well.

Other points of interest:
-DS may receive TV tuner
-Nintendo to use Touch Generations brand to introduce casual gamers to more "core" genres
-Achieve balance between games that satisfy "core gamers" and casual ones while utilizing Nintendo WiFi
-Paradigm shift away from "processing power is supreme" has taken place on portable consoles and can take place on home consoles
-Wii successfully smaller, quieter, power-efficient, unobtrusive, and provides familiar and intuitive TV remote-like interface
-Wii to provide applications/games that appeal to every family member while ensuring that no one sees the console as a bad influence
-Continue to create games that are "bigger in size" such as Zelda while also creating titles that appeal to more casual players
-Sports games don't need licenses and should be playable for anyone while but also provide a fresh experience for veteran gamers
-Through WiFi, DS software can be expanded through Wii and vice versa

MyNutsYourChin5118d ago (Edited 5118d ago )

I've had to go through it a few times just to make sure I got all the info available. I thought quite a few Nintendo fans would enjoy this but also a few Sony and Microsoft fans might enjoy seeing the figures as well.

I hope more gamers check it out because there's quite a bit of useful information in there.

And I know the image isn't related but I just can't stop laughing at that guy and his hair. I laugh every time I see it. I mean really, who's going to take this guy seriously.

ItsDubC5118d ago

ROFL ya that guy's hair is ridiculous. I wouldn't take him seriously unless he were a scientist...

persian_prince5118d ago

incase you dont know, that is Phill producer and on trial for murder.

MyNutsYourChin5118d ago

I did not know that. Thank you for your information. Have a bubble.

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copshop5118d ago

cool stuff!!!

that guys hair is freaking great

Mr_Kuwabara5118d ago

Or is that an god awful ugly woman? lol

Farfromreality4135118d ago

Like something out of a Harry Potter movie.

That's some serious bed head....

djt235118d ago

it is very interesting you should watch it

Shadow Flare5118d ago

if the Hair Bear Bunch were a live action movie...