Tip: Open Your NAT for a Better Xbox Live

A lot of people have problems joining or hosting games on Xbox Live and it's usually because they have a router. Routers need to be configured to forward the correct ports to the computers and devices connected to them to allow full connections.

Not configuring your NAT to be "open" can lead to lag, hosting problems, failed connections, and getting disconnected from games.

Click through for details on how to get the most out of your Xbox Live connection.

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ASSASSYN 36o5428d ago

I thought people knew this I had mine open on the original xbox. It fixes any communication problems and any connection issues to players rooms. If you have a closed NAT and a friend or random person in room does to. You won't be able to communicate and/or join the room they are in.

milthaar5428d ago

ive been having this problem with NAT to its closed cant play any online games it sucks i want to open it up but ive lost the password to my router :(

TheCapto5428d ago

Not sure what brand router you have, but on my Linksys, you can push the hard reset button for 30 seconds or so and it will reset all of your settings, including your password.

And I didn't really know too much about NAT before I read this, as I only have a basic knowledge of networking.

Norad65428d ago

I have been trying to popen my NAT up for weeks and I finaly got it. TY for posting this. BUBBLES FOR EVERYONE!!!!

cookiemonster5428d ago

Good article. I hope more people can propagate it.

BIadestarX5428d ago

What if someone has 2 xbox 360... how would this port fowarding thing work?

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