More Red dead redemption genetic experiments appear

It seems yet another weird glitch has showed up in the world of Read dead redemption, leaving us with one question. Are these intentional easter eggs or horrible glitches?

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ThatCanadianGuy3070d ago


The music fit so nicely..
It's all dramatic & inspiring, as the NPC soars gracefully above lol

SeanRL3070d ago

It does work really well with the video doesn't it?

Trey_4_life3069d ago

Thats the funniest glitch yet. LMFAO

Brewski0073069d ago

Hahaha the way they flap their "wings" i laughed alot at that. And yes the music was perfect for it haha.

karlowma3070d ago

Hahaha so awesome! And yes, obviously the perfect music. Got a good laugh out of this. :D

BeaArthur3069d ago

I'm not sure if that's a glitch because the NPC's are actually flapping their arms.

Strange_Evil3069d ago

It's due to the Euphoria Engine... It realistically simulates and in this case it thought that the Humans were birds lol.... I even want to see if you can skin one lol like a bird.

SeanRL3069d ago

You can, once they die you can go up to them. Usually their graphics are messed up though. Anyways, you're saying that these aren't easter eggs and are actually just the physics engine being too good?

iamnsuperman3069d ago

why would they make a game that is meant to make a "emotional response" (as said by rockstar) and include these. I have seen others like flying donkey...I think they are terrible glitches

Double Toasted3069d ago

Easter egg obviously, I mean they're flapping their arms...

Rowsdower3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

cause I dont want them to fix any of the animal-human hybrids

I wanna see the bird people, the cougar man, and the donkey lady.

Edit: To the folks below in another video when there was a flying deer they collect a crow feather from it, so I assume its the same.

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The story is too old to be commented.