Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Melee Screenshots Comparison

Super Smash Bros. Melee was never really a graphical powerhouse however it did manage to run at 480p at 60fps and feature some really advanced physics (for its time). With the extra grunt the Wii is pulling in the question is now if will we still be seeing 60fps with great physics? Or if that has been dumped for eye candy. Smash Bros. fans shouldn't take it lightly, 480p at 60fps plus widescreen should be a given for this title.

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Shadow Flare5428d ago

*shakes head*

i wasn't so much comparing the graphics, as i was thinking why would anyone want to play this? The graphics are alot better but dayum, lol what the hell is with that game

Mr_Kuwabara5428d ago

The graphics from Kingdom Hearts 2. They look nice.

omansteveo5428d ago

Im sick of these stupid videos, theres like 3 for Killzone just today what next Killzne vs this or maybe madden no Metal Gear...wait! Killzone versus God!...and KILLZONE LOOKS BETTER AND GOD CREATED IT!!!OMG ROFL LOLLERSKATES XBOTSSSS!!!!.......Lame enough is enough

Maddens Raiders5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

got KZII on the brain? Don't feel alone; so do alot of other people.

On topic:

This game will be fun for those who enjoyed the first series, like I did on the 64. It still won't make me buy a wii for just one game, (that I wouldn't play all the time anyway) but it's certainly not going to stop kids, girls, and softcore guys from picking it up.

What's significant is that this is akin to comparing an XBox 1 game to the 360 or PS2 to PS3. Ridiculous when you really think about it, yet fans of the console will find it compelling. Plus, people forget that the human eye can only see 26FPS so the whole "fps" thing, while nice, is a little misleading on a whole.

jigaman5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

However that aside its nice to see a significant difference in character detail, textures, etc. From the vids I have also seen a vast improvement in stage design.

And in regards to part of Shadow Flare's comment. Hey at first I thougt this game (N64 days) was crap. I thought the controls were lame (simply cause they were the same for every character). Then I tried it and had a load of fun. It was the most untraditional fighter I had ever played...and that was what I loved about it. It took the conventional way of the fighting game genre and brought it to a whole new level. Yes the controls are the same or evey character, but that allows you to be able to "pick & play" any character. This is Nintendo's whole philosophy...easy to play, hard to master. Anyone can pick this game up and play it, but its still is hard to master.

I thought I was good at Melee, then I saw vids on youtube of "pro" players I had no idea you could do what they do with the characters I thought I had mastered.

My advice is to at least try it. Thats the least you can do to a AAA title.

orange145428d ago

Yeah, there are the most noticeable differences between Fox/Old Fox and Zelda/Old Zelda. :)

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