Devil May Cry 4 PS3 Preview

Combos, soul-sucking, devils who might shed a tear – it's just another day in the life of Nero, your neighborly demon-slaughtering anti-hero. He's new with a similar arsenal of weapons, combos, and single-hit attacks as Dante had before, plus new ways of inflicting pain on the world's second most gruesome creatures. (The first most gruesome are found in Resident Evil and Silent Hill.)

Devil May Cry 4's mechanics appear to be the same as the last time we saw Dante with the addition of a user-controlled camera system. By pushing the right analog stick, players will be able to adjust the view on-the-fly, just as they did in the creepy and remarkable Dead Rising.

Note: while this is a good preview, the author incorrectly refers to the new DMC4 lead "Nero" as the old "Dante". This has been edited here for clarification.

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nobiggy4136d ago

i dunno i'm on the fence on this one, compared to the god of wars and heavenly swords of today
seems a bit old. maybe its time to retire this franchise

okcomputer4136d ago

I felt the same way when I was deciding whether to buy dmc3. The series looked like it was turning stale after the second one. But the third one was so good it changed my mind. Devil may cray may never reach the level of god of war, but it should still be a decent game.

gunnerforlife4136d ago

u know the saying dont judge a book by its cover;) so far it has gotten posotive previews they all say the same thing once u pick up the game and play it its massive fun and anyways i like a good story in a game and thats wat dmc4 is gone have im sure;)

darkside4136d ago

But ever sense Dante left and became a supporting character in the 4 installment. I think the series is gonna go down hill from here.

Mr VideoGames4136d ago

and FLAME BROILED Playstation 3 now thats a authentic product to play Devil May Cry with don't ya think Sony Fans!!! :D

THE_JUDGE4136d ago

but I'm not as interested in this series now that I still can't figure out if Dante is in it and that it will be on 360 and PC. They really turned me off to it.

okcomputer4136d ago

Why would it matter if its on pc and 360? If its a good game then its a good game, who cares if its multiplatform.

And seriously, dante was such a vapid, cookie cutter character it doesn't really matter to me if he's in it or not, as long as the gameplay remains the same. As a character Dante was such a generic "cool guy badass", that he never had any real personality or character development.

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