Devil May Cry 4 gameplay footage

Footage taken from game shown at E3 2007.

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CrazzyMan4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

On 1:37 screen with press square. =)

Soo, ps3 is still a leading platform, good. :)
Game looks pretty nice. :)

Contra264109d ago

still a multiplatform game.
achivement system?

sorry... 360 is lead.

PS-Wii-604109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

I personally love achievements

by this holiday season ps3 games will have them also. They'll be called Accomplishments, unless they decide to change it, and come complete with 3D trophies you can put on display and show off in your Home apartment

Too bad I can't get one for my Gears "Seriously" Achievement =(

Blankman4109d ago

Like it or not the PS3 has always been lead and they started making the ps3 version long before they started on the 360 version so that automatically makes it lead. I remember the game producers saying the ps3 version was almost done and this was before the 360 version was announced also the ps3 version is gonna run at 1080p and 60frames/sec. As far as we know capcom dosent even have a playable version for the 360. So 360 as lead. hahaha wat a joke. Well msoft can pay for it i mean they already paid to delay ps3 release so...

CAPS LOCK4109d ago

feel sorry for capcom. They lost a lot of fans and ps fan boys when they announced that the game will go multi and the demo will come on the 360 and no word on the ps3...its a bad move because 360 owners will prefer ninja gaden and ps fans would hate the doubt it will sell but they could of sold more if it was a timed exclusive.

Lex Luthor4109d ago

Goes to show that sony fanboys are immature pricks.

Bloodmask4109d ago

This game will be awesome.

All DMCs were cool except part 2 IMO.

Capcom fan over here.

The Swordsman4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

It appears that Capcom have another hit on their hands. Their games are quality games. Unlike Sega which is turning into EA with their quality of games. Also, I've nevered played the DMC games, and I was wondering; what was so bad about number 2?

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