New Darksiders: Wrath of War footage and interview

Recently, InsideGamer had the chance to interview David Adams, the general manager at Vigil Games. He spoke about the various aspects of the game. There is also new in-game footage included. Check the video by clicking the link below.

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Well I think this could be a fun play, if they continue to
polish it up.

I think the Developers really need something that will set it
apart from the other action adventure slashers out there, or
it might get lost in the shuffle.

If it shines in gameplay, and the developers make it interesting
this could be a Sleeper Hit, at least.

Rhezin5428d ago

yah, true hope it's like another god of war, but I think heavenly sword will beat it to the punch.

darkside5428d ago

Damn it why does this year have so many god of war clones? don't get me wrong, I love God of War but there is only so much god of war clones i can take before it gameplay gets dull.