Microsoft's Jeff Bell Calls Out Message Board Poster

Microsoft's Jeff Bell Calls Out Message Board Poster
'And your contribution to society is...what?' asks Microsoft exec.

This is a new one. Earlier today, NeoGAF message board poster "a Master Ninja" wondered aloud if a private message from user "bell801" could actually be from Jeff Bell, Microsoft's Corporate VP of Global Marketing for their interactive entertainment division, who endured Internet mockery for his wooden performance on-stage at the Microsoft press conference at E3 last week. The poster was especially critical of Bell during the press conference, which Bell didn't take kindly to, as his private message read:

"And your contribution to society is...what?"
Wait, wait, wait. It's one thing to insinuate a high-ranking Microsoft executive has effectively called you out, but the connections grew as more people started watching the train wreck.

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Syko4136d ago

That's funny, Dude must have been pissed to respond to a forum post

Firewire4136d ago

It was all light hearted fun we were having on Gaf yesterday about Peter Moore leaving. We were speculating about who would replace him, And allot of people were like "no not Bell" after his performance at E3.
Remember the whole "dawg" thing! Anyways it turns out he created an account on Gaf, and sent the message to one guy, who just made a bit of a crack at him.

It was all in fun, I can't believe someone made a story out of this!

ER1X4136d ago

Where Jerry goes and heckles Kramer's girlfriend in her office after she heckled him at a comedy club. lol.

risk4136d ago

i havent seen that one...fully i seen the part where she heckles him lol which episode # is that?

ER1X4136d ago

Season 5, episode 20. "The Fire."

sticky doja4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

In Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, where they get a print out of all the people that talk trash about them on an internet blog site and fly to each one of their houses beating the crap out of them.

BTW ER1X, nice pic.

Lyberator4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

Wow I wonder what the response is gong to be from Microsoft. If any. lol maybe he just wanted to know what the guy's contribution to society was. But yeah all the same I respect him for speaking his mind and defending himself when he deemed it necessary.

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The story is too old to be commented.