Fallout: New Vegas - first screens of the Vegas Strip

Scans of the first screenshots of the Vegas Strip in Fallout: New Vegas have been posted up, along with some new information about the upcoming game.

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NecrumSlavery5176d ago

Beautiful....Just Damn Beautiful!

HolyOrangeCows5176d ago

I don't know about beautiful...
All of the non-distinctive Vegas stuff looks pretty much recycled from the last game.

mistajeff5176d ago

yeah, the engine is showing some serious, serious age. but personally, i'm not going to let that cloud my judgment of the game. it's obsidian, and for a lot of those guys, fallout is their baby. i'm gonna let the story and the characters take the reins.

what i'm hoping, though, is that bethesda tosses out their dated engine and just starts using id tech 5 now that id is owned by the same company. let bethesda focus on crafting their worlds, and all that effort that went into trying to beef up the engine can be spent on refining story, gameplay, progression, character development, etc.

darkmurder5176d ago

Id prefer Elder Scrolls V screens, hopefully Bethesda get rid of this engine as it is looking pretty old and use Megatexturing for the next Elder Scrolls!

SprSynJn5176d ago

That's not necessarily a bad thing though.

HSx95176d ago

I have lost any hope for this game, it's just a rebuild of Fallout 3 with new characters and story, I was expecting better graphics, oh well, there's always Elder Scrolls 5 to wait for.

danielle0075176d ago

So. a new Fallout with completely different characters, completely different environments, and completely different story isn't worth exploring because.. It's not pretty enough?

You're letting your graphics whore of a self get in the way of playing something that will most likely be super amazing. Fallout 3 was awesome because of the characters, story, and environments, not because it was pretty. & Even then, Fallout 3 is still pretty. I don't understand why some people feel that their games have to be at top notch graphics to be worth playing. I mean, the gameworld in fallout 3 is huge, there's like no loading times when you're just wandering around, and the level of detail in the world is disgustingly awesome. Even if they aren't pushing boundries with graphics, I don't think they have to. I'm still going to buy it even if it just looks the same as Fallout 3.

iHEARTboobs5175d ago

What i'm hoping for the most is that it runs better than the last fallout. I'll be fine with it looking the same. Just please run better.

danielle0075175d ago

I can understand that complaint more, but still, none of the glitches in the game that I really came by were game breaking at all. One time dogmeat died while he was stuck in a wall so I couldn't heal him, but I learned early on to save often - especially if I wanted to keep dogmeat around.. so it was no biggie, I just reverted to an old save. I think I would be more harsh on the glitches if the game wasn't so massive and so detailed. .. and amazing. My reasoning is if they're going to spend so much time making this huge world that's super detailed with a bajillion places to go and a bajillion things to do, some things are going to fall through the cracks. So, really, I can forgive the few problems I've come across.. I love fallout. <3

HSx95175d ago

Better graphics doesn't mean top notch, it just means a newer feel, you know, like a new game. This just seems to feel like a super Fallout 3 Mod made by any user.

iHEARTboobs5175d ago

Luckily for you there wasn't any game breaking glitches. Personally I stopped playing it on my 360 because of a freezing glitch. I reverted back to older saves but they all kept freezing untill I could't even play it anymore. I ended up buying it for my PS3 and luckily it didn't have that problem. Still ran cr*ppy though.

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el zorro5175d ago

It looks pretty good to me. You have to consider how big and open the world is. It looks a lot better than Infamous did, as a comparison to another open world game.

5175d ago
R2D25175d ago

If i wanted Madden I would buy Madden.

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keyserhitman5176d ago (Edited 5176d ago )

cant f'ing wait for this..

lol hes got boxing gloves and taking it to the super muties.. lol

but im sure i read somewhere that the map would "dwarf" the capital wastelands
and vehicles would be available... can anybody confirm or denie me this info?

also its starting to remind me of
gta:san andreas meets fallout3 lol

Orange Juice5176d ago

Hopefully we'll actually be able to explore the city and not be limited to using the subway tunnels to get around.

NecrumSlavery5176d ago

The subway system is what gave linear structure to the story before it dumped you unto the world to run free. But you can actually get to 90% of the city locals without the metro.

Orange Juice5176d ago (Edited 5176d ago )

I know the purpose of the subway tunnels as I played/own the game, I'm just saying that the city couldve been more fun to explore if it was just a seamless world like Oblivion or Morrowind (dont mind the loading). The one thing that stands out in my mind about f3 was hating the subway tunnels and how they made me feel disconnected from the game world when I just wanted to explore the city, a feeling I never had while playing Bethesdas older games, and I hope they are gone this time.

NecrumSlavery5176d ago

I see your point. But the maze of DC was still badass. I never felt disconnected from the world. Oblivion was too open and too repetative in nature. The DC section reminds me of Midgar in FFVII, before the game really opens up. And that is another reason I don't mind the metro

Orange Juice5176d ago

Thanks for using your last bubble to reply, here have one. I guess when I heard that we would have Washington DC to explore I was not expecting half of it to consist of subway tunnels, and thats where my disappointment comes in. For New Vegas my expectations will be more realistic to avoid any unpleasant surprises :D

danielle0075176d ago

I think it was actually more realistic to have to go into the subway system. I definitely don't think it was half of the game world, or even close to it. But, D.C. itself, if you ever go visit, has a very large metro system, and it makes sense that you do have to use it sometimes to get around. I didn't think that it disconnected me from the world at all, I actually think it connected me even more because I was like "wow, they even included the subway underneath the city." Especially since the tunnels weren't empty, they had some legit cool locations like the ant hive and the vampire cannibal homies. I love Bethesda's level of detail.

Plus, I don't really understand how you were limited to the subways, I always just ran around uptop or fast travelled. Plus, majority of the places I didn't really need to take the metro to at all.. I dunnos.

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Faztkiller5176d ago

Please less metro tunnels
I always fast traveled that way I didn't have to go through the metro and after Fallout 3 and Metro 2033 I don't think I can look at another metro

Kingdom Come5176d ago

It's great to see the non-destroyed locations, gonna be fun at the Casino.