Best of E3: Kotaku's Picks

Kotaku posts:
" OK, you've had an hour or so to argue, debate and decide which games you thought should receive which nominations, including the cherished Best of Show accolade. Now it's our turn. Before you hit the jump to see our picks know this, there was a whole lotta arguing that led up to these final selections and on more than one occasion it came down to votes... on one occasion that vote tied and we had to debate the issue for awhile. Also keep in mind that we made these choices based off of the very specific definitions that The Game Critics Awards follows. So Best of Show gives a lot of weight to buzz. Also, there were two categories that we didn't feel had three worthy nominations, so we didn't include them. They were fighting game and simulation game."

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nextgengaming184932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

Why isn't gran turismo 5 under graphics, or metroid prime anywhere on that list? Wiifit won many awards, for what? It is a yoga fitness game. Heavenly sword, and uncharted should be on the action list, replacing assasin creed, and folklore. Also why isn't crysis n the best graphical achievement? It looks better then mass effect, killzone 2, and mgs4. Kotaku, are you actually gamers? How could you list wii fit as best of show?

Marceles4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

Metal Gear had the best graphics? Pfff...Rock Band was the Best In Show but lost the sound award to Everyday Shooter? Some of these categories I don't even in on would think rock band would be ahead of mass effect since it was the best in show but...i dont know, this list was all over the place

hikikimori4932d ago

KZII isn't even in here.
What a load of crap this site is. As always.

the_round_peg4932d ago

Because both are overhyped.

LeonSKennedy4Life4931d ago

Killzone's hype seems pretty justified to me. The sheer amount of things going on at once is INCREDIBLE!

Ohkay, it wasn't used because it wasn't in playable, Kotaku didn't put it down because they didn't get to play it.

Otherwise, KZ2 would be best of show.

How did Super Mario Galaxy beat out Uncharted?

Wii Fit is a JOKE!!! Everybody knows it! We already HAVE an eyetoy! Why would we want the restriction of a BOARD!???

the_round_peg4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

it's called COLOR.

Call of Duty 4 has much better graphics, AND it has that important feature known as COLOR.

And the market is saturated with way too many uninspired, generic FPS. Killzone 2 can have the best graphic ever, but it's still an uninspired, generic FPS. They just don't get me excited like... let say, Mass Effect or BigLittlePlanet.

GoLeafsGo4931d ago

You want overhyped? It's called Super Mario Galaxy, and Wii Fit.

Anyway, stupid list. It doesn't list half the GREAT games that were at the show.

Bits-N-Kibbles4931d ago

Mario Galaxy looks like great fun and I don't even own or plan on purchasing a Wii!

weekapaugh4931d ago

maybe its a typo and should say "Worst of E3"

ShiftyLookingCow4931d ago

Its good they put MGS on top, the trailer for MGS simply didnt get what it deserved. It was great.

PS360PCROCKS4931d ago

I would have rather taken a nap, sorry...

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