Microsofts Killer App, The Surface And Natal

Microsoft Surface is an incredible piece of hardware and software as well as natal but when you put the two together limitless possibilities can be achieved.

It seems that Natal isn’t the only new addition we should look forward too in the Xbox world but the Surface may actually play a interesting role in the evolution of Natal.

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Legosz3068d ago

Surface has been around for almost a year now I think.

UNCyrus3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

actually, several years

Some videos on youtube are almost 3 years old...

DelbertGrady3068d ago

Everything is new to Hiphopgamer.

Alex Kidd3068d ago

Is he actually a complete idiot? Why do people keep approving this nonsense. Seriously he has actually just pulled this out of his ass with no reasoning behind it, dude lives in a dreamworld and since when has a piece of hardware become a "Killer App"? I always thought apps were software...

Briefcase Joe3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

in learning how long it took this genius to come up the word "vidicle." LOL. This guy is good for a laugh every week.

Mr Logic3068d ago

Agreed. I just always figured he did "vidicles" because nobody on his website has the ability write a well thought out article using proper grammar.

TOO PAWNED3068d ago

This guy smoken too much weed, his Insomniac rant in this video is hillarious, still dont get what hes trying to say?

captain-obvious3068d ago

the Surface looks great
but tow things
it looks like it needs alot of RAM
and it looks like it'll be expensive

but i really don't know
can we use them in gaming ??
like in an RTS ??

Eiffel3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

It is expensive, and it's not for personal purchase, it's meant for businesses. The price is somewhere around 5-10k. Of course any big business can dig through their couch and pull this. Developer units are already for sale.

For some reason HipHopGamer thinks this will be used for gaming in relation to the 360, yet another dipshit journalist who spits shit out without researching.

rexus123453068d ago

lol. if you are really interested in using this technology in gaming, go buy an iPad

badz1493068d ago

this dude is the master of luring hits! tried not to click to any of his ridiculous post but he got me good every fvcking time! ...and NO! surface will never ever has anything to do with 360, PERIOD!

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Hellsvacancy3069d ago

Had to turn that video off, sick of hearin "oh, OH, oh!!!"

Looked like novelty to me, summin you'd find in your dentist waiting room

JAMurida3069d ago

Did he really not remember the game you can tell your team to breach a door? Come on man... SOCOM.

GAM3R7l3068d ago

...I think you meant Rainbow Six (PC). :)

Kahvipannu3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

...I guessed it's HHG.. IMO hes shows are really embarassing..

The surface is cool tought..

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The story is too old to be commented.