Are the Sports Rating Systems Flawed?

As I watched the Celtics deliver the dagger in the Magic’s 09-10 season with a win in blowout fashion (yes I realize the series is only 3-0, and it is a best of 7), I wondered if there is something incomplete with the sports rating systems. Rajon Rondo went from an above average regular season point guard, to arguably the best player of the Playoffs, a playoffs that has featured the likes of Lebron, Kobe, Wade, Melo, Durant, and Dirk.

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cain1413096d ago

I think it would be pretty tough to add ina clutch factor...

midi3096d ago

I have no idea what most of this article says.

cain1413096d ago

Few if any video games account for big clutch moments as they would affect a player in the situation.

The only one I can think of is MLB the Show, where for pitchers you get a tad more wild if you lack clutch, and batters contact goes down...

shoinan3096d ago

I think it works well enough.

karlowma3096d ago

I like the line of thinking presented in the article. I think devs have tried implementing things like this in the past (hot/cold ratings in the old NHL games, for example) to varying degrees of effectiveness. The current NHL games from EA have a Potential rating which can (slightly) alter stats season to season, but I agree I would like to see a Clutch rating specifically. Sports heroics are all about the guy or gal who steps it up when the game is on the line, and really comes through. This needs to be depicted more effectively in sports video games.

keysy4203096d ago

see in the nba every guy that is under 6 ft 8 is a great player. but he way the nba works people are paid to play roles. but in reality against the public any person in the nba could score 60 pts on you. so its really hard to replicate that because alot of people arent allowed those role when they play.

johnbknight3096d ago

I do agree this would be hard to implement, but I think it is just that extra bit that could take a game over the top...