How To Beat A Dead (And Buried) Horse: The Final Fantasy Topic

PlayStrum writes: "Can you remember the last time there have been so many articles from so many websites talking about the same subject? Can you remember the last time it was on a topic that stretches beyond two years? This is exactly what you get when coming across small-time websites, as well as larger, more publicly acknowledged websites. It began with the statement made by Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada in which he states that the company will be "looking into" a multiplatform Final Fantasy Versus XIII."

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Nike3256d ago

First, the articles on FF vs. XIII going multi-platform and the effects.

Then an article about the articles on FF vs. XIII going multi-platform and the effects.

Next, we may have articles in reaction to this article about the previous articles on FF vs XIII, defending their opinions about the game going multi-platform and the effects.

Round and round and round we go...

tplarkin73255d ago

Sony fans, like Nintendo fans, are keeping the industry from innovation. They put nostalgia above everything else. They will buy garbage if it's made by "their favorite devloper".

The FF sales are an indication of this. 900,000 units of garbage sold on PS3 to 400,000 units of garbage sold on 360. If FF was exclusive to PS3, it would have sold 1.3 million units.

SeanRL3255d ago

Ha! We're keeping the industry from innovating? At least Sony doesn't release half-broken consoles just so that they can get the lead on everyone else. It's Microsoft that's holding Sony and Nintendo back.

wicko3255d ago

That is quite possibly the dumbest thing I've read all week. You just used the one entry in FF that's radically different from all the others as an indication of a lack of innovation? Don't get me wrong, I hated FFXIII, but I'm certainly not blind to the fact that they tried something different.

GooZe3255d ago

i bought gears 2 which was a piece of shit but maybe if there was a demo i could have saved my money... theres demos for all major ps3 games. so i think microsoft is ruining gaming.

Godmars2903256d ago

If FFXIIIvs on the 360 happens, it will mean nothing. With PS3 production the best anyone could hope for is a non-repeat of the issues the 360 version had, while the worst would be an all around repeat down to a fully linear gameworld.

And still 360 fanboys will only talk about butthurt PS3 fanboys...

madkrazygames3255d ago

So true bro, I just wish third party developers would put the same amount effort into making multi-platform titles the same across both systems. When FF XIII was announced for the 360, it should've been the same as the PS3 when it was release, if not, they should've made it a timed exclusive on PS3. The same thing goes for RDR, at this point it's just getting ridiculous and it's stupid on the developer's part for not making their product the same on across platforms.

B-Real2063256d ago

give me a world map that I can freely move around on. Look at the ps1 and earlier FF games for reference. A cool story and a reason to play for 40+ hours. If it goes to the 360 so be it. I'll feel a slight sting but if it's a fun game I'll be sure to pick it up....for the system of MY choice.

But really before I even get that far I'm going to need a whole lot more info on the game than I have now. How old is the trailer that's floating around out there? 2 or 3 years at least. Lets pick up the pace a little squenix.

STONEY43255d ago

I think it was confirmed last year that Versus would have a world map.

UltimateIdiot9113255d ago

I wouldn't believe a single world that SE confirms. FFXIII was originally confirm for many things, and it lived up to none.

slasherkenshin3256d ago

If it does go multiplatform despite all the promises made about it's exclusivity, I hope that it won't compromise the launch date for the ps3 version. I have waited so long for this game and square-enix better not push back the release date for a simultaneous release on both platforms.

The Slash3256d ago

I can't believe I just wasted my time reading that. They're called OPINION articles. This is an article complaining that people have opinions. Wtf? Do you want every site to report on the same thing with the same style and attitude?

JD_Shadow3255d ago

SOMEONE had to call out the GoFanboy articles that we saw (which is what the article was referring to. THEY won't name names out of "respect", which GoFanboy deserves none after those two fail articles, but you know I will call them out by name as they SHOULD be). Should we just leave things fester for people to just believe?

This site has the right to make a response, as any other site does, and we have every right to be able to READ it!

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