Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 2 Boxart + Possible Release Date

Gamestop has updated their site with information concerning the new game in the Storm Series. Hopefully their release date is real however the boxart is for sure.

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crematory3436d ago

could someone tell me what this game all about, i never play any of the series, is it like ninja gaiden sigma,i mean action oriented game or open world with much side quests

thank you

Mr Exclusive3436d ago

from the first games demo i gathered its a fighter. But i think its an open world game outside the fighting.

davidj883436d ago

It's not like ninja gaiden sigma, it's a 1V1 beat-em-up with "support characters" however you had an open village to explore between battles.Your best bet would be to look on youtube for NARUTO: ULTIMATE NINJA STORM and see the gameplay for yourself. Being a fan i loved the first one apart from a few minor details ( online multiplayer ) and am really looking forward to this installment.

despair3436d ago

don't forget the tedious collecting and lack of proper and enough movie scenes(the cg ones it had were great. Fighting was good but most everything else was sup par. Hope they fixed all the problems from the first.

ExgamerLegends23436d ago

Loved the first, one and now I get to own someone besides my brother and friends with neji, Itachi, kakashi, and sage mode naruto.

Karlnag33436d ago

how can you know it's an improvement? Have you played it?

ExgamerLegends23436d ago

You know something.... I'VE NEVER SHOT MYSELF IN THE FACE BUT I KNOW I WOULDNT LIKE IT. My goodness, the games an improvement simply because it has online. Let alone trophies, more characters, destructable levels, dynamic support attacks etc. Oh, and it's Shippuden.

Eamon3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Well, Exgamer, we're not asking whether we would like it or not but whether it's a major improvement or not.

With your example we could say; "I've never shot myself in the face so I wouldn't know exactly how much more painful it is than a paper cut."

crxss3436d ago

Yeah the game does look like a major improvement. I own everyone I play in Storm 1. Game was too simple but it had it's secrets in the gameplay. Neji sucks in the first one btw :D

If you have a ps3 be sure to check out my PSN id at the top of the leaderboards lol

Best Storm 1 characters are Kakashi, Itachi, Naruto, Sasuke, Lee... ok I just realized that almost everyone's a good character haha. If only Storm 1 had online, I could be owning people with Sakura... embarrassingly

despair3436d ago

hahaha yea I probably would be one of your victims. i was good but hard to see how good without online competition(only a few friends and family to play against usually)

heroicjanitor3436d ago

Since when is it multiplat? Thought the 360 got one by ubisoft or something

ExgamerLegends23436d ago

would be kinda awkward with UNS. As for why NUNS2 is multiplat..... well the popular answer is MS paid. But who knows, CC2 prolly just wanted to increase the fanbase and make more money. I kinda hate it went multiplat cuz i liked the rivalry between Ubi and CC2. Both made fun and distinct naruto games and both had their strengths and weaknesses. Now that NUNS2 is multiplat we'll prolly never see a sequel to TBB.

White-Sharingan3436d ago

Can't wait...i'm guessing there will be no mangekyo-sharingan for sasuke eh?

crxss3436d ago

No there is, Sage Mode and Mangekyo (upcoming spoiler) but I'm not sure if Sasuke's FULL Susanoo will be in the game, maybe his semi-Susanoo will. I can't wait wait to see a demo or something at E3!

Senden3436d ago

Wooo! I was expecting some lame December release or something but september isn't that far away. Looking forward to a shippuuden online game.. ubisoft's ones were good but so far behind the story and with the box art showing sage naruto, you just know this one will be bang up to date and awesome.

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